Stories from the Emerald Island Part V

Stories from the Emerald Island Part V © Stefanie Neumann - All Rights Reserved.

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In honour of St. Patrick’s Day which will be celebrated by many people around the world, I choose to share some of the experiences gifted to me during my time in Ireland…


When I first came to Ireland I felt a strong energy moving inside the Earth. It felt like the ground beneath my feet was moving like a ship on the roaring sea.”

-Stefanie Neumann

Getting Acquainted

At first I thought this feeling was due to the raging storm that had welcomed us on our first trip. Then I considered that it might be the unfamiliar feeling for a landlubber now walking on an island. But I had been on much smaller islands before and never noticed sensations like that. And when the storm was long gone I still noticed this vibration. In fact, just writing about it, now, makes me feel kind of dizzy, again. After about a week I had become accustomed to this new resonance. During our second stay it only took a few days before I had adjusted my energies to it.

You know, I always had heard about this special energy that supposedly stretches over the whole Island. I did not at all doubt that it existed. But I had not expected to notice it that strongly on a physical level.

Present Past

Ireland’s history is full of magical legends and enchanting stories. And they are not just something from the past. As a matter of fact they are very alive, today.

Many of the sacred sites of the country are incorporated into everyday life. The graveyards of the old monasteries also harbour the mortal remains of the recently deceased. Many of the prehistoric stone circles and pagan temples are part of the modern agriculture as they are located on the fields of present day farms. A lot of them are freely accessible and I guess not even half of them are listed somewhere to be found. (The same is true for Scotland, by the way…)

Powerful Now

In spite of the troubles of the past, the disputes, the suppression, these energies are still super evident. Despite the strong hand of the Catholic Church the ancient legends are alive. Against all odds of the modern lifestyle the sacred sites did not only survive but remained part of the present day life in the country.

Maybe there is some underlying, strong, balancing, non-judgmental energy which allows all these contradictions to coexist; melting them into contrasts of emerald-green on a nation’s portrait. Certain is that there is something that inspires people – locals and visitors alike. It surely inspired me.

Have you ever perceived the unembodied energy of a place on a physical level? How was this experience for you? Do you know a place that deeply inspires you?

Much love,