When Things Do Not Work Out

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Firstly it turns out differently and secondly than you had thought.”

-German proverb

Last week we had planned to do a day trip to the Altes Land to see the cherry and apple trees blossom.  We had planned everything really well.  We were ready to go.  The idea was to put together a vegan picnic, rent a car and hit the road.  Yet, it did not happen.

As the blossoms have their very own timing and we also wanted to make sure that we travel on a day with good weather, we had waited a bit with renting a car. Usually that is no problem at all.  Well, last week it was.  On Tuesday – two days before our planned travel date – our favourite car rental place had no cars available.  We checked on other places but that did not work for other reasons.  Finally, we considered to go by public traffic.  Great idea, if the trains had not been on strike since last Thursday.  You can go by ferry and bus as well but it would probably be crowded with people as all the other alternatives are out-of-order.  Apart from that, it did not offer the flexibility we would have by car.  Also, eating out often is no alternative due to food allergies.  So we would have had to carry around our picnic additionally to my camera.

Of course, we could have forced it and gone on our trip, anyway.  On the other hand, how many signs do you need to notice that the universe is pointing you into a different direction?

Go With The Flow

When something does not work out, things might actually be at work for you; It just does not always look the way you thought it would.”

-Stefanie Neumann

That is something life has taught me.  When something is not working out as you have planned and ever more obstacles seem to show up, it can be a good idea to stop pushing and simply go with the flow.

When I calm down, instead, I might notice that things actually are at work for me and all I have to do is to allow.  Universal timing sometimes looks very different from our ideas of shoulds and have-tos.  Yet, universal timing is, after all, universal and possibly the most effective timing one can go for.

No Ice Cream, No Enlightenment…


One of my teachers used to put it this way.  Sometimes, we hold on to our plans too desperately, we become reluctant to see the gifts that come with the new situation.  Like a little child that sees the ice cream stand in the park and wants, wants, wants some ice cream right now.  The parents don’t buy the ice cream for the child because they know that grandma is waiting at home with a surprise:  A huge portion of her homemade strawberry ice cream made from strawberries from her garden.  Not only is the portion is much bigger than the one you get at the park, the ice cream is also much better – the best ice cream in the world.  But the child does not know that and is very angry at the parents for not buying ice cream at the park.  So, mommy and daddy finally tell the child:

“Look, when you wait until we get home, grandma will have her strawberry ice cream for you.”

The child insists:

“I want ice cream now.”

The parents object:

“But when you eat ice cream, now, you will be so full that you cannot enjoy grandma’s ice cream, anymore.”

The child still insists:

“I want ice cream, now.”

The parents remind the child:

“But grandmas ice cream is much better.  You love grandmas ice cream, don’t you?”

The child decides:

“If I do not get my ice cream, now, I do not want any ice cream at all.”

Well, we often act in the same way with enlightening moments in our lives.

No ice cream, no enlightenment.

But it does not have to be that way.

Deal With It

My theory is that whenever a judgement, a should or a have to is attached to the plan, it will not work until I have identified the old energy and changed my attitude.”

-Stefanie Neumann

Was I frustrated that our day trip did not work out? – And how!  It actually made me very angry that recently a lot of things do not seem to work out the way I had imagined them.

My first step was to give that frustration a place.  I ranted and vented a bit until I was ready to take a deep breath.

In my second step I looked at the situation.  I looked at what is actually there and by that incidentally identified the old energy that was attached to the plan. It was a judgement I have about myself about not doing it like it supposedly should be done.  That called for another deep breath.

In my third step I now concentrate on transforming this old thought pattern.  There are several methods out there to do so.  My husband Kim recently reminded me of a very effective one: Ho’oponopono.  What I like about this method is that it is simple, it actually gives mind a rest and it works on very deep levels.

Ho’oponopono Mantra by Giovanni Nuti


Ho’oponopono –

I am sorry.
Please forgive me.
Thank you.
I love you.

Ho’oponopono Meditation with Solfeggio frequency 417Hz


Well, that’s what I have been doing, lately.  I am noticing a lot of this kind of frustration “out there”, so I choose to share a little bit of my own journey.

Are you noticing this frustration, too?  Do you know situations like this?  Do you have a favourite recipe to deal with those moments?  Would you like to share your insights, here?

Much love,

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