Happy Walpurgis Night and Beltane 2015!

Happy Walpurgis Night and Beltane 2015 © Stefanie Neumann - All Rights Reserved.

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Tonight many people in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are celebrating the Walpurgis Night – others in different parts of the world are celebrating Beltane, tomorrow.

As with every year, these festivities mark the transition from Spring to Summer in the Celtic calendar. Everything is blossoming, the trees are unfolding their fresh green leaves and the time of abundance begins.

The blossoms we tend to, now, will become nutritious fruits in Autumn. The pollen collected during the time of bloom is made into nourishing honey by the bees. The sweetness of life is sending out its fragrance to reminds us to be aware of what we tend to as what we give our attention to is what we ultimately draw into our experience.”

-Stefanie Neumann

What are we nourishing with our ideas, thoughts and deeds? Is it in accordance with what we wish to harvest?

Are you celebrating this date? If so: how are you celebrating it? If not: How are you honouring the seasons and their gifts to us? Would you like to share a bit of your journey in the comments?

Much love,