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Do you know these movies where people are driving a car and reach a big gap at the end of the road and then they take a run-up and make the car jump over that abyss?  There is a moment when the car is coasting in the open air.  –  That is where I find my self right now.  Just without the car.

The Space Be(e)tween

Scenes like this are often used in action movies.  But what they really describe is a deep transition.  The moment of coasting, in movies often overimposed for a more dramatic effect, really is not only an experience of free flight but also one free of attachments.  For me it currently describes a transition between realities.

There are these moments in life when you move from the old into the new, when you cannot connect the old and the new reality anymore.  A big step or even a split is not enough to bridge the gap.  You have to let go of the old grounds before you feel the new ones under your feet.  You have to jump.”

-Stefanie Neumann

The moment of the jump feels fundamental.  It is existential.  It makes your bowels twitch.  No safety net.  No double bottom.  You know that if you don’t make it to the other side you will fall.  At the same time you know that you are making it to the other side.


It is all about momentum.  Momentum contains the word ‘moment’.  It shows how it is essential to be in the now to gain momentum.”

– Stefanie Neumann

No space for doubt.  Doubt lowers your frequency and slows you down.  You cannot afford this while coasting through the open air.  You also cannot afford to fight what is really there.  You need all your energy for the jump.  So, if there are fears, you will have to feel them.  No space to shove them aside.  No energy to ignore them.  It is feel them and let them move through.  You need the energy of the motion.  You cannot afford to get stuck, right now.

That is the point where I currently find myself.

I Know That I Know

Most of the time I stay calm because deep down inside I know that all is well.  I had a day of feeling through my fears, though.  It can feel pretty scary when the first of the month has come and you still do not know how you will pay the rent for this month.  It can feel pretty scary if you do not know from what money you will buy your food or pay the next bills.

Still, deep down inside me I just KNOW that all is well.  I know that I have created a path for myself in ease and grace.  I know that I have created a path for myself that provides everything that I need and more.  All I have to do is walk the path one step at a time and allow.  Perhaps I do not see the “how”, yet.  But I do know that it is already there.

The beauty of this is that it gives me the chance to reach out to this circle of wonderful people.  So I am reaching out to you and ask for your support.  I deeply believe in the power of genuine love and good thoughts.  So, I ask you, if you genuinely feel it, to send energy of love, support and good thoughts Kim‘s and my way.  I deeply appreciate it and am grateful for it.

Do you know this place of coasting in the open air?  What is your recipe to deal with a situation like this?  Would you like to share your insights in the comments?

Thank you and much love,