Hanging Loose…

Hanging Loose... © Stefanie Neumann - All Rights Reserved.

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Sometimes it is time to simply hang loose.  Sometimes, all that can be done, now, is done; all that can be said, now, is said.  Sometimes, the next step is not yet tangible.”

-Stefanie Neumann


When there is nothing we can do we often feel helpless.  That causes worry.

And if energy follows attention…

Let Go and Allow

Instead of worrying we can use such a time of cannot-do-anything to relax.  We can accept the invitation and let go.  When we let go of the tension a new space emerges.  Here, things can fall into place and we can allow the best for us and all participants.

And when energy follows attention we might realize that all is well – yes, even better than we would have thought.


Sometimes it seems difficult to simply let go and allow.  Especially so, when one has learned that we always have to fight, do and hold on.  Yet, one can practise it.  One can take some space, every day, to simply hang loose.  One can, for example, take some calm time to listen to a piece of favourite music or meditate for ten minutes and enjoy the silence.  Creativity is unlimited, here.

And when energy follows attention practice perhaps makes perfect here.

Let’s get started, right here and now:

I am inviting you to take 4:04 minutes time.  Take a deep breath, relax and enjoy the song below by Mike Howe.  Let go and allow the universe to work for you.  Allow things to very gently fall into place.

How does it feel for you to simply hang loose?  Is it rather easy or more difficult for you to just let go?  What helps you with that?  Would you like to share your insights in the comments?

Much love,