A Time of Opposites

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Since my blog post “An Inconvenient Truth” which I shared here from the blog Heart’s Journey I am pondering, what I can, want, shall write, now…

The confusion still feels present. Everything that I wrote in that post is coherent. And at the same time much is clearing up on levels so deep, now, that I could not even perceive them, before.

Everything is very chaotic and at the same time I detect a deep underlying order in all that when I encounter the Chaos with calm, love and peace.”

– Stefanie Neumann

I have no clue, where the journey goes and yet I feel that I am getting close to my destination. This destination could be outlined with “Find and Take Up My Place“.

Things feel very frightening, at times, and at the same time I discover new courage within me.

It feels like a time of opposites and, at the same time, like a time of fusion of these opposites.

Does perhaps the progressive elimination of polarization feel like that?

I mean, this world is an experience of opposites. Yet, we also live in a time when the opposite poles move closer together. Maybe this process feels exactly like that…

It currently seems impossible for me to plan or foresee anything over the long term. Everything happens step by step, one breath at a time, without knowing beforehand how the next step will look, how the next breath tastes.

This is how it must feel when breaking new ground, and this is exactly what we are doing collectively, now.

What helps me is to allow myself short breathing breaks and check-ins on a regular basis. This way I can anchor within myself, get centred and grounded. When I feel stuck and no solution known to me feels right I just stay with this feeling of stuckness. I allow it and just am with it. Usually the situation then solves itself or I receive exactly the insight which I lacked beforehand to steer everything into an appropriate direction.

How are you experiencing these times? What helps you to cope with opposition and maintain clarity in the midst of chaos?

Much love,