Stand In For Yourself – Take A Nap

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If you have read my recent blog articles “A Time of Opposites” and “An Inconvenient Truth” you might have noticed that I, like so many of us, have been moving through many shifts and changes. I find it difficult to talk about all this. When I get comments, especially for “An Inconvenient Truth”, I appreciate them more than I can say – literally. As much as I appreciate them and as much as I find it important to connect and to talk about all these things, I still lack the words.


To step up on a stage while the spotlight is illuminating you inside and out takes courage. The reward for doing so is: courage.”

–Stefanie Neumann

On one hand it has to do with the fact, that I am truly living from one moment to the next. That makes it difficult to talk about experiences of the past or in the future. The past is in the past. Everything is changing and shifting. What once was true might have changed, now. The future is in the future. Everything is shifting and changing. What is true now might change, tomorrow. And as funny as it sounds, the attempt to communicate my truth in ever-changing times like this seems to bring forth a deeper inner truth which is true beyond all the shifts and changes.

On the other hand I am currently breaking new ground. As a global people we all are. In fact, the ground sometimes is so new, that it is outside the existing terminology which we are used to expressing ourselves through, up to now. It feels like discovering the tool of language all anew.

To top it all off, the light of awareness is now shining into all the corners of our beingness; even the dark ones. It leaves no hiding place for vulnerability or perceived ugliness. It is time to clean up and take the skeletons out of the closet. They only use up space we can use for more important things – like, for example, an extra portion of love.

And my feeling is, that this is where the current journey goes. To me it seems this is not a time to listen to the manipulation of fear and hide behind the hearth. The light will find us, anyway.

Instead, I feel that it is a time to go out, step up and stand in for who we are.


When I get stuck I take a nap.”

-Dominique Trudeau

For many of us this idea brings up images of having to fight for our rights and having to use our elbows to hold a good space for ourselves.

I believe, those times are over. Instead we can step up peacefully and hold our space by just breathing.

Yes, we might notice resistances. I surely have encountered some, recently. What did I do?

  1. I panicked. – This step is not required, of course. But if it is there, give it space and let it be. It happened to me. A lot. But it got less with practise.
  2. I breathed. – No, wait, don’t hyperventilate! Just breathe … gently … consciously … in … and out … in …. and out … good … There you go!
  3. I allowed. – Allow the situation to turn out in the best possible way for all participants. There is no need to try and foresee how this might look. Just trust that it will be much better than one could possibly imagine.
  4. I adopted a plan. – Once calmed down a bit, think of what steps are necessary/ helpful to cope with the situation.
  5. First things first. – Are there any pressing issues that have to be addressed immediately? If so, do it.
  6. I rested. – Sounds crazy, but this turned out to be an essential key for me. One could also say: I gave it space; space for things to fall into place. And usually they do. This makes the next step much easier.
  7. I took action. – Now, that we have calmed down, filled your body-mind-soul-system with oxygen and Prana, have a plan, some space and eased up a little, it is time to take care of the things that need to be taken care of. In my experience things now happen with far more ease and grace.

Let It Bee

Acceptance allows us to truly see.”

–Stefanie Neumann

Another key that I am discovering is, to let it be.

Mostly, this term is used in a context of: “Drop it” or “Leave it”. But have you ever consciously looked at those words?

Let it BE.

In their essence, these words are inviting us to accept and allow things to be what they are. They also invite us to accept and allow people to be who they are.

If we can accept the things as they are, this allows us to truly see them. In acceptance of what is, no extenuation can fool us with rose-coloured glasses. In acceptance of what is, no avoidance can tempt us to overlook important details. In acceptance of what is, no fear can manipulate us.

Acceptance allows us to see things clearly. And this clarity then shows us the way.

And while we are at it, we might like to remember to give ourselves the freedom to be who we are, as well.

How are you doing, these days? Are you ready to shine a bright light of awareness on the path of beingness? What helps you to make a stand in these times of shifts and changes?

Much love,