Together Better – With Your Help!

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For many of us the times feel wild and wooly, right now.  It often seems hard to remember, what is really important, to stay centred and balanced.  More and more people feel increasingly isolated.  Sometimes all we can see is seemingly all-consuming darkness – and that can feel scary.

On this blog I write about ways to get through these times with as much ease and grace as possible.  I write about my journey to find the ways and means to stay on this earth-plane and actually enjoy the ride.  And sometimes I write about the darkness, too.

My intention is to share and connect.  To help and inspire each other.  I believe, that everybody has a great expertise due to their own, personal life experience.  I believe that we are all full of valuable insights, even if we sometimes feel completely insignificant.  And I believe that it is important to connect with like-minded people – especially in those moments when we feel most insignificant.”

-Stefanie Neumann

So, I had this idea that we give a gift to each other.  –  The Christmas season has just started which makes it kind of good timing.  But I intend for this to last beyond holidays.

Here is the dealio:

Let’s create an archive of tips and ideas about what helps us in difficult times.  Let’s share our experience and insights.  Let’s create a place where we and others can go and find inspiration from all over the world to make it through this time of shifts.

For this, I need your help:

  • I invite you to share your insights in the comments of this post.
  • Or maybe you have written a blog post about what helped you through a difficult situation. Then I invite you to share the link with a short introduction for the post here, in the comments.
  • Or maybe you found an interesting article or a helpful video that really inspired you in solving problematic circumstances that you found yourself in.  Then I also invite you to share a link with a short introduction here, in the comments.
  • I further invite you to share this post, if it inspires you, so that others can find it, get help from it and contribute to the archive by sharing their insights, too.  You may like to use the hashtag: #KBFTogetherBetter.

If you would like to get updates for the comments, please check the little box that says “Notify me of new comments via email” next to it which shows up when you leave a comment.

Let’s get started!

Here is my Pinterest board “Instant Help”:

It is my Panic Button for New Energy Emergency Help and contains quick tips and little exercises that help me feel better at an instant.  There you can find some of my own blog posts as well as inspiration I find from the work of others.

What helps you when your experience of life in these times of shift is getting tough?

Much love,