Be Aware of the Crazy-Makers in Your Life

Sei Dir Der Verrücktmacher In Deinem Leben Gewahr © Stefanie Neumann – All Rights Reserved; #KBFPhotography #KokopelliBeeFree

[Tiny Signs of Peace Along the Path]

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The holiday season has begun!

It is a time of love, gratitude, peace and contemplation. It is so, right?

The quest for these qualities in life is leading inward. The seed of love lies within ourselves and wants to blossom. – Yet, not everybody is looking for it on the inside. Many are looking for it on the outside. Sometimes, they so much want a piece of love that they start to drain others in whom they see love. – Not a very loving act.

A species that especially likes to show up for the holidays are the crazy-makers. They twist facts and values; they tear away at the nerves. And when their counterpart finally is happily confused, they say things like: “I got the solution; you just have to do it as I say.”

And suddenly, you are wondering if the woman in the queue at the optician, who clearly and with utter brazenness bulled her way through, perhaps had a “good reason” for it and you are just stupid. Or the good friend has gone on and on so intensively you come to believe you have put together a previously perfectly planned evening completely wrong. Or after a two-hour phone call with your uncle who just quickly wanted to ask something you find yourself totally exhausted on the sofa when instead you should have been studying for an important test for the past three hours.

There is one thing all crazy-makers have in common: They sow uncertainty and worry, so that in effect everything revolves around themselves. By that, they often proceed in a highly manipulative fashion. They demand our time until we are completely spent, and then tell us we have overwhelmed them. And we feel after the encounter with a crazy-maker somehow… brainwashed.

In her book “The Artist’s Way” Julia Cameron calls this species “crazy-makers”. Robert Betz would probably include them with a group he calls “arse-angels”. They push our buttons. They show us where we may stand in for ourselves more, or where we perhaps may even pull back entirely. And the best part: They serve us the medicine that helps us to deal with them right alongside – and that on a golden tray.

Often I have observed how the crazy-maker is telling me a story which at a closer look describes in detail how to fend off manipulation. Or they gift you with something – a scented oil, a gemstone or the like – which strengthens exactly the qualities in you that are needed, to keep the inner peace. Or they are recommending a book to us, a CD, a movie of which the title is already giving us the means to detach from crazy-making patterns.”

-Stefanie Neumann

This is why I say: Be aware of the crazy-makers in your life. Not only because they drive you crazy and gnaw on your health, but also because they always carry an important gift for you on that golden tray. – And as with everything in life, I would also extend this awareness inwards as in my experience we only resonate with the crazy-makers on the outside because we have aspects within ourselves that want to be moved into the light of consciousness through those encounters.

With this in mind, I am wishing everyone a contemplative and peaceful Christmas season – filled with love and gratitude!

Much love,