The Difference between Constructive and Destructive Feedback – Revisited

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With the beginning of December last year I started the campaign #KBFTogetherBetter.  In short, this is what it is about:

Let’s create an archive of tips and ideas about what helps us in difficult times.  Let’s share our experience and insights.  Let’s create a place where we and others can go and find inspiration from all over the world to make it through this time of shifts.”

-Stefanie Neumann

It is a call for participation.  It is reaching out to you, and me, and everybody who has been through difficult times and it is asking us to share what helps us to get better and stay healthy.

On her blog Ute smile, Ute made this step and shared some of her expertise in staying happy in her post For You.

Around the same time, I shared a post from Kim’s and my blog Heart’s Journey, which speaks about how to stand through times When the Shit is Hitting the Fan.

Today, I would like to re-share an older post of mine, which I find a perfect match with the #KBFTogetherBetter campaign.  I know that it has helped many people, as it actually is my most visited and re-visited post:

The Difference between Constructive and Destructive Feedback

You know, I personally cannot always avoid getting hit by discouraging energies.  Sometimes they just beat on me and I can’t help it.  And it does feel terrible and painful.  I admit that freely.”

But there is something that helps me dealing with it, when it happens.  It is to know the difference between constructive and destructive energies.  Because, even when I feel them and they hurt me, I know that I do not have to listen to the destructive ones.  I know that they are not speaking the truth, even if they sometimes throw me off the rail, temporarily.”

-Stefanie Neumann

If you have not read it, yet, I invite you to check it out and see, if you find some inspiration in it.  You find the complete post => here.

Have you been through difficult times or a difficult situation, before?  What has helped you through this?

I invite you to share your experience in the comments of the post Together Better – With Your Help!, or if you feel inspired, write a post about it on your blog and link to the Together Better post => here.  You might even like to use the hashtag #KBFTogetherBetter.

Much love,

This blog post is part of the campaign #KBFTogetherBetter.