February and Gratitude

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[Horse Contemplating] – Animals are great teachers for unconditional love.

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Ute from Ute smile suggested in the beginning of the month, to “make February a month where we focus on Gratitude“. – Thank you, dear Ute, for this awesome idea and beautiful inspiration.

I am a big fan of practising gratitude and so I felt inspired to chime in and write a post about it, this month, too.


Recently I watched a video where somebody explained how everything derives from love and that this love is so unconditional, that it even allows hatred and war to grow from it.

I can follow this thought and perhaps this is the reason why I feel that eventually everything finds its way back to the peaceful origins of love.  After all, it is not love that is fighting the wars or fighting a war against the war.  Love just peacefully lets things be.

Surely I am not pleading for hatred and war.  But I do not see how we change anything if we hate the haters or fight the war.  I also don’t see how we change anything if we try to love the haters to death and the war down.  This would turn love into a weapon and us into soldiers who participate in the concept of war.

Instead, we may focus on peacefully living as a standard for what we want to see in the world.  Not as a weapon against something, not as a counter-weight to something – in fact, not against anything at all.  Rather for ourselves and those who are aiming into a similar direction.”

-Stefanie Neumann


In that video, the same person pointed out, that we do not have to try to be better people.  All that is necessary is to come as we are and be that we are.

I can follow this thought, as well.  It ties in with what I have pointed out, before.  There is no “better than…” as we are all of equal value.  Our existence is not a mistake – each of us is a perfect and unique expression of the divine.  Therefore we are good enough as we are.

Then, the person in the video mentioned on a sidenote that technically we do not even need to be grateful.

That got me thinking…  Can I really follow this thought?  Let us try:

If love is unconditional and we are all of equal value and also a perfect and unique expression of the divine…  well, if I follow those thoughts I have to admit that the person in the mentioned video is right.  I do not have to be grateful.  If all I have to do is to come as I am and I simply do not feel grateful, I do not have to be or to act as if.

In some way there is a freedom in this.  I am allowed to feel that I feel.  I am allowed to notice that I notice.  Even when I feel isolated, angry or hateful.  I do not have to try to be something or somebody else.

This freedom, this unconditional and non-judgemental attitude allows me to accept what is.  And when I am able to unconditionally accept what is, I automatically am in a frequency of pure love.  I am love.”

-Stefanie Neumann

And when I feel into the energy of those words that I have just stated in the paragraph above, when I connect with their truth, guess what happens to me?!

I actually feel deeply grateful.


For me, gratitude here comes organically and without pressure.  It is not forced on me.  It is not good manners.  It is not being particularly spiritual.  (If we believe that all is spirit, how can anybody or anything be more spiritual than others, anyways? – And if we do not believe in such things, what does it matter?)

It simply happens.

Knowing this, I can use this realisation as a tool:

If I feel discontent, unhappy, unworthy or otherwise down, I can remember how this deep feeling of gratitude came from a state of unconditional love.  If gratitude can organically derive from unconditional love, perhaps unconditional love can derive from gratitude, too.”

-Stefanie Neumann

Gratitude might not be necessary to be of value or love or loved.  But it can help me to consciously experience love and bring this experience into a state of awareness.  And depending on how I am wired and what my choice is, this might make me feel better.  Not in a sense of “better than others” but rather in a sense of “happier than before”.

For me, it surely works this way.

What is your experience?  What does gratitude mean to you?  Is there something you are grateful for, today?  Are you ready to shine a bright light of awareness on the path of beingness, today?

Much love,