Eight Days of Happiness

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Recently I was reminded of a post called Be Happy published by the wonderful Cathie Barash in 2012 on The Cathie Barash Blog.

In her article she mentions the work of Robert Holden, Ph.D. who has created a program called Be Happy of which she introduces an abbreviated version of his eight-day mini program to happiness.

You can check out further details over at Cathie’s blog, > here <.

I have been working with the information and exercises of Mr. Holden as introduced by Cathie and found it profoundly beneficial.

I found it helpful to bring awareness to what happiness means to me, to actually commit to happiness as well as to choose happiness for me and my life.  Just as helpful was the awareness brought to behaviour and habits that may either block or support my experience of happiness.”

-Stefanie Neumann

At times, I am still practising the gratitude list suggested on day eight.

As this mini-program has helped me so much and I am currently noticing a lot of depression in the energy field of mass consciousness, I felt called to share this information as well as Cathie’s post so that even more people can benefit from it.

What does happiness mean to you?  How do you incorporate this into your everyday life?  Have you shared a smile, today?  Are you ready to shine a bright light of awareness on the path of beingness, today?

Much love,



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