The Power Of A Walk

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Did you know that a walk can truly work miracles?

Especially when we feel stressed, weary, somehow cut off or isolated a walk is a true remedy.  And when we feel good a regular round around the block or through the park can also contribute to maintain and strengthen well-being.

For a walk, we best pick an area where we can find a little bit of nature.  Such places can be found in the city, as well, for example, in a park, along a parkway or alongside a river.  Even a residential area with many trees and gardens or a public accessible allotment garden area can offer a lot of inspiration and recreation.

During a walk things get into motion.  Deadlocked patterns and thoughts resolve and shift.  The head gets clear.  Tense muscles can loosen up and get a good blood supply, again.  We breathe calmer and deeper which causes us to recover and regain strength.

The walking is grounding us.  Troubled thoughts and feelings can settle down.  Old energies which do not serve us anymore can flow out of us.  The power of the earth can stream into us.

The contact with nature is grounding us, as well.  Additionally, it is opening our hearts.  Love can flow and bring healing.  This way, we are walking through life more openly and happier.  Thereby, we also attract more loving, joyful experiences.  Furthermore, endorphins are being released that increase our well-being.

When we move about outdoors during daytime we fill up with light – even under a cloudy sky.  This releases endorphins, as well.  Additionally it stimulates the production of vitamin D in the body.  We feel strengthened and happier.

In addition, we encounter so much inspiration during a walk.  We get new ideas.  We meet new people – humans, animals, plants and maybe also other beings.  We get new impressions and can let go of the old.

And finally, a walk is also a healthy kind of physical activity.  A half hour per day is supposed to be enough to notice positive health effects – including a longer life expectancy.

In this time of changes and shifts, of transition from one age to another, from the old energy to the new, such a walk can absolutely provide a wonderful contribution for us to stay balanced and healthy, and it can open a space for us to receive new insights.

Well, have you already put on your walking boots or do you need a little more motivation to get going?  Or does something seriously prevent you, at the moment, yet you still would like to get some walk-feeling?

Then, first off, accompany me on a virtual walk by viewing the video, below.  And when you are ready, set off for yourself and tell us, how you have been!

What is your favourite place for a walk?  What do you like most about going for a walk, what feels especially good to you?
Are you ready to shine a bright light of awareness on the path of beingness, today?

Much Love,

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