Sound Healing With Tom Kenyon And The Hathors

A Stream From The Higher Worlds © Stefanie Neumann - All Rights Reserved. #KokopelliBeeFree #KBFPhotography #KBFTogetherBetter

At the end of August I received an email which was forwarded to me by my husband Kim.  It is A Hathor Planetary Message Through Tom Kenyon called A Stream From The Higher Worlds.

A former Country singer, Tom Kenyon is, amongst other things, known for his channeled sound meditations from the Hathors.

The one introduced in the message mentioned above is to assist in purifying “deeply held psycho-spiritual as well as emotional negativity and toxicity”.

To some, this may sound a little strange.  Personally, I am familiar with the practice of channeling as well as sound meditation and sound healing.  So I chose to give A Stream From The Higher Worlds a go and found it not only very calming but also highly effective.

Hence, this post to share the goodness with you.

I highly recommend reading the channeling, first, as it offers some information on the proper use of the meditation.  At the end of the channeling you will find a link which leads to Tom’s archive of sound meditations from the Hathors where you can listen or download A Stream From The Higher Worlds for free.

Are you ready to shine a bright light of awareness on the path of beingness, today?

Much love and happy cleansing,

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