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Some of you might have heard of the protests that currently are going on at the Standing Rock reservation in North Dakota, USA because of private investors who are planning to build an oil pipeline through the reservation, supported by the US Army Corps of Engineers, which would impact sacred sites of the resident Lakota tribe as well as the Missouri River which is supplying not only the Standing Rock reservation but also many other places with water.

In spite of negotiations still being in full swing, earlier this year, contractors had started to bulldoze through sacred sites of the reservation.  This led to protests which, if my information is correct, started in August 2016.

Since then, people sued each other, promises have been made and then broken and the group of protesters continues to grow to this day.

The protests are held peacefully in the form of circles of prayers and speaking-choirs.  In spite of this the US Police has sent armed military forces to break up the demonstrations.  Several people have been arrested, supposedly for trespassing.  On the other hand, the lands they have been trespassing on belong to the Lakota of the Standing Rock reservation and they do not seem to agree with this assessment of the police.

It seems that the main stream media will not talk much about this, anymore, especially not outside the North American continent. And when they do, they twist and bend the truth of the actual events.

This is why I am sharing this post, today, because

When the mainstream media fail, the responsibility to share news about the truth is with us.”

-Stefanie Neumann

A beautiful aspect of this tragedy is, that actually many indigenous people, not only from the American continent, as well as white supporters come together at Standing Rock reservation and pray for peace and a healthy Mother Earth.  Tribes that have been hostile with each other for generations are now camping peacefully side by side.  White people are welcome to support the protests.  This has not always been the case in the history of Native American gatherings.

Many see the event of the North Dakota access pipeline as the fulfilment of a prophecy made by Black Elk, a holy man of the Oglala Lakota, who predicted the coming of a black snake which would lead to tribes of all bands coming together after generations of suffering to heal and unite as one.

In the view of estimated 7,000 campers (in mid-October 2016) of all tribes and nations supporting the prayers and protests at Standing Rock, I am finding that they have a point.

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You can follow alternative news on the Indian Country Today Media Network:

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as well as on social media under the Hashtags #NoDAPL, #DakotaAccessPipeline, #DakotaPipeline and #WaterIsLife, for example on Twitter:

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And finally, here the website of the Standing Rock Tribe:

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Are you ready to shine a bright light of awareness on the path of beingness, today?

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