How to Get Beyond Judgement

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In September this year fellow blogger Cathie Barash published a blog post called Resist Jumping to Conclusions in which she is pointing out how judgements we might have about a person or a situation can be deceptive and how they can blur our view of the actual picture.  This made me think and I would like to share with you, here, what I found out through our discussion in the comments of her blog post.

A Choice

While we may not be able to resist this “jump”, all the time, we are free to choose how we deal with it when it happens.  We can choose to believe that our conclusion is the only possible truth or we can keep and open heart and mind even if we notice that we already have a judgement about a person or a situation.

What helps me in such moments is to make a distinction between what I think about a situation and how I feel based on what my heart tells me.

Reference Point in the Past

My mind, the thinking aspect, might remember situations and people from the past and therefore place a judgement on what I find in the Here and Now.  This does not necessarily spring from malevolent intentions.  In fact, it often happens because mind wants to protect me from harm based on what I already know. This can be accurate, at times. Other times it is not.

Present Connection

My heart, on the other hand, is always present and without judgement. Therefore its evaluations about a current situation tend to be much more accurate. This sometimes goes so far, that I just feel that something is unhealthy for me, even though I have no current reference point for this. If I then notice what I notice and continue to observe the situation, I usually find out why my heart has been warning me, sooner rather than later. And it is always spot on. This, of course, also works the other way round when my heart keeps telling me something that looks scary, at first sight, is actually good for me.

What helps you to get beyond judgement?

Are you ready to shine a bright light of awareness on the path of beingness, today?

Much love,