#NoDAPL – Mother Earth Stands with Standing Rock

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Two weeks ago I shared a blog post about the #NoDAPL-Movement in North Dakota where the Standing Rock Tribe with the support from indigenous and non-indigenous people from all over the world is making a stand for the protection of a nation as well as for the protection of Mother Earth.

Standing Rock Still Standing

The water protectors at Standing Rock are still standing and while it is a tragedy to see how treaties are being ignored by the U.S. American government while governments in the rest of the world are silently watching, some amazing things are happening as well.

In my last post about this topic I already pointed out how unusual it is that people of all tribes and nations are coming together and peacefully joining forces to make a stand – people of all directions, colours and even from beyond the borders of the American continents.

Whilst governments and mainstream media mainly remain ignorant to this, Mother Earth herself now seems to take a stand.”

-Stefanie Neumann

The Buffalo Nation Stands With Standing Rock

About a week ago, a herd of buffalo showed up at the site, as I already shared on Twitter:

You can watch the video, here:

You can read more about it in English language, here:

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as well as in German language, here:

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The Eagle Nation Stands with Standing Rock

Only a few days after the buffalo a golden eagle came to the #NoDAPL camp.  It stayed with the water protectors for about an hour and even made physical contact by allowing the people from the camp to touch it:

Here you can read a little more about it in English language:

Eagle Lands On Standing Rock, Allows Water Protectors To Touch Him | White Wolf Pack

I stand with Standing Rock.  The Buffalo Nation stands with Standing Rock.  The Eagle Nation stands with Standing Rock.  Mother Earth herself stands with Standing Rock.  Where do you stand?

Are you ready to shine a bright light of awareness on the path of beingness, today?

Much love,

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