Between the Years

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[Hazel Along the Path]

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During the Twelfth Night, which marks the transition of the year 2016 into the year 2017 we took two walks into the landscape conservation area Sülldorf.

Landscape and Nature Conservation

As some of you already know, I grew up in this area and also went to school here.  Up to this point it was not known to me that this area had been declared one of the by now 33 landscape and nature conservation areas in Hamburg.  Therefore, it was high time to visit this area again after nearly twenty years.

It made me very happy to see that many of the old homesteads and stud farms actually still exist and that the people who work them have an eye on sustainability.  Thus today, for example, many organic farms are found in Sülldorf.

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Anticipation of the New Year

Although in the midst of winter, we discovered signs of anticipation of the awakening in Spring.

Old Tree Population

In the landscape conservation area Sülldorf are many old trees. Already as a child I was fascinated by the boughs of the expansive tree canopies and the gnarly shapes some of the old trees have grown into over the course of many years.


The knicks or hedgerows, which make this landscape so unique, are very special habitats and are far more than just a pretty field border to look at.

For one thing, they give stability to the flat landscape with their root system and provide a certain protection from erosion due to weather influences like, for example, storms or strong rain.  For another thing, they hold water and allow for a proper balance of humidity.  And these are only two examples of many.

Also for the nature conservation knicks are playing an important role.  Thus they provide habitats for various kinds of plants and animals and therefore also give refuge to rare as well as endangered species.

Good to know that the knicks for the most part are now resident on organic farms.


The landscaping brought by the knicks with their stands of rare wild plants and old trees also influences the design of the surrounding meadows and gardens.

Horse Keeping

Horse keeping already characterised the scenery of Sülldorf in the days of my childhood.

After the initial decline in the active use of the old farms, one now can even meet sheep and llamas in addition to horses and ponies.  However, the horses are still the main act and we even passed by an association for breeding and conserving of draught horses.

Along the Path

Not only the view of the big picture in the landscape conservation area offers sights worth seeing.  Also a look at the small, fine details along the path is rewarding.

A Look Up

Also I notice again and again that the sky in this area paints its very own shapes and colours.


Such a walk through such a beautiful landscape invites always and again views of multi-faceted reflection.  I am lucky to live in a city where landscape and nature conservation are an integrative part of urban life.  Just now, at the beginning of the year, the city of Hamburg identified a new landscape conservation area and announced that at least two more will follow this year.

My wish is that others will take this as an example and that many cities all over the world will integrate landscape and nature conservation into the urban lifestyle.


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[Winter Reflection]

Moving Pictures

Fancy some moving pictures of our walks?  Then I have two videos for you here.  Enjoy!

Have you already been on a walk this year?  What about landscape and nature conservation where you live?  Do you have experience with that?
Are you ready to shine a bright light of awareness on the path of beingness, today?

Much Love,