About Awareness, Time and Deceleration – Revisited

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A few years ago I created a post about awareness, time and deceleration which can be found in the category exercises.

It is funny with things like awareness and time.  We often think we have too little of them.  Yet, it is so easy to get them:  We can gift them to ourselves.

-Stefanie Neumann

I still find the timely – perhaps even more than ever.  As furthermore I have been talking a lot about light and awareness recently, and the month of February also rapidly brings back the light to the northern hemisphere I felt moved to share the mentioned post anew and thus simultaneously link it to my campaign Together Better.

You can view it, here:

About Awareness, Time and Deceleration

What is your experience on this topic?  Have you ever witnessed behaviour like this in yourself?  What helps you to gain some space for yourself?

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Are you ready to shine a bright light of awareness on the path of beingness, today?

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