Robin of Sherwood – Nothing’s Forgotten…

Does anybody remember the TV-Series from the 1980’s called Robin of Sherwood – or, in Germany and the USA: Robin Hood?

Well, I do remember this show very well, although I only was 9 or 10 years old when it was broadcasted on German TV.

The series was created by Richard Carpenter and although it seems to be a simple production on the first look to some, it actually was very inventive.  The hand-held camera, a technique often used throughout the show, gives it an authentic feel – much appreciated by nine-year old Steffi then and to this day – as well as by many fantasy role players around the world.  The 1-2-3 technique used in the fighting scenes was invented by actor Mark Ryan – who also played Nasir – and it is still used.  Also the series from the 1980’s inspired later productions of the stories around Robin of Sherwood and his Merry Men – like, for example, the movie Robin Hood – Prince of Thieves from 1991 with Kevin Costner in the lead role.

What I always liked about the Robin of Sherwood series from the 1980’s is the authentic feeling that comes with it.  This did not only come with the hand-held camera but also with the fact that the show was filmed at real places.  The sets were built at actual ruins, forests and other places.   The cast mainly consisted of young actors with low or no camera experience and they all became really good friends which, in my opinion, was noticeable.

Watching the series again, today, I become aware of how much it influenced me.  My idea of a good fantasy movie is totally imprinted by this show.  My love for Celtic music was sparked thanks to the legendary soundtrack by the Irish band Clannad.  Many scenes take place in the woods, so it made me feel very much at home as I already loved being in Nature and listening to the birds.  Through their interpretation of Herne the Hunter Robin of Sherwood introduced me to the concept of a benevolent Spirit that is one with Mother Nature and guides us.  I also was introduced to interesting bits of English folklore and British history.

Although Richard Carpenter had written more adventures, the production of the Robin of Sherwood series came to an abrupt ending when Goldcrest, who helped producing the show, had to pull out due to financial problems and HTV could not afford to produce the series alone.

30 years later the cast of Robin of Sherwood came together again to bring to life one of those unproduced adventures as an audio play episode via crowdfunding.  In 2016, four years after Richard Carpenter’s passing, Robin of Sherwood – The Knights of the Apocalypse was released.  Additionally, the production is raising money for two charities that have been close to Richard Carpenter’s heart:  the British Red Cross and the Sherwood Forest Trust.

Now, they are going into the next round and are working on a 4-Disc box set called Robin of Sherwood – A New Adventure which will contain four more stories.  The production is not exactly crowdfunded, yet, the fans can support it by pre-ordering and the team is asking for help on their Facebook page:

[…] At the moment, we’re quite a way off our pre-production target of sales, which is a real shame. This is, for a fan (and I am one!), an amazing opportunity to hear the cast back together and having yet more adventures (all overseen by the estate of Richard ‘Kip’ Carpenter – so it’s going to adhere strictly to his style and ethos for the show). Add to that, if you pre-order, you get popped into a raffle to join us on one of the recording days in studio, as well as signed studio scripts too.


I am a big fan of crowdfunding and the like as it gives people the chance to follow their heart.  It also gives us the chance to support each other in realizing our heart-projects.  It gives us a chance to be part of a new Earth where, instead of making everything a competition or a battel for profit, people support each other’s dreams, visions and heart-desires.

This is the reason why I am introducing this project, here, today.

Maybe you feel called to support the production and help to birth Robin of Sherwood – A New Adventure into this world.  You can find further information about this project, >> here <<, >> here << and >> here <<.  The latest update at the time when I am preparing this post has been this one, >> here <<.

Or maybe you merely enjoyed reading about my early inspirations.  That is fine, too.  😉

If we all support each other in living our lives as a work of art, we change the world significantly.”

-Stefanie Neumann

Which childhood inspiration is still noticeable in your adult life?

Are you ready to shine a bright light of awareness on the path of beingness, today?

Much love,

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