Spring Walk Through Jenischpark

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Bridge at NCA Jenischpark

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A month ago Kim and I went for a walk in the nearby Jenischpark here in Hamburg, Germany, which is giving shelter to many old trees that have witnessed times of those who came before us and is located between the Loki-Schmidt-Garden and the River Elbe.  It was the time of the first crocuses and that is always a beautiful sight at this landscape conservation area with its integrated nature conservation area.

The crocuses were not the only bulb plants out.  We also found spring snowflakes and snowdrops.

The old trees in Westerpark, a little park adjacent to Jenischpark, as well as those in the Jenischpark on the other hand, still looked bare except for the evergreen mistle that has found a home in some of them.

The branches of the trees at Jenischpark looked black against the bright yet cloudy sky and drew intriguingly gnarly lines over our heads.

The slightly wilder looking nature conservation area of the park still stood in its Autumn dress with earthen colours and bold outlines.

But at a closer look one could find the first signs of Spring, even here…

However, those were not the only things we have seen during our walk on the first warm day of the year.  Below a few more impressions as moving pictures:

Is Mother Nature not beautiful?

Are you ready to shine a bright light of awareness on the path of beingness, today?

Much Love,