Happy Easter 2017! – Let’s Make It A Time Of Peace.

Happy Easter 2017! - Let’s Make It A Time Of Peace. © Stefanie Neumann – Kokopelli Bee Free - All Rights Reserved; #KBFWalk #KBFPhotography

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On the upcoming weekend we will be celebrating Easter in the Christian world.  In the Northern hemisphere this date is also connected with the season of Spring.  From a religious standpoint, Easter is connected to transformation, rebirth and new beginnings.  The old Germanic and Celtic festivals that have been celebrated long before Christ was born, like Ostara, for example, focussed on similar topics.

This year Spring in the Northern hemisphere comes with a special energy of strong light, new inspiration and deep healing.  New territory is available.  Those who are up for an adventure now begin to see things they have never seen before and to explore realms they have never been to, before.

Those who have fed from the old (vampiric) energetic setup are now afraid and may try to hold on as much as they can to the old system which now has run its course and is ready to fade.  Therefore we might see a lot of struggle, especially in the mass media.

I am not saying that there is no struggle.  But I would like to remind everybody who is reading this that there is also a lot of good happening in the world which currently might not be promoted through the mainstream media.

All we have to do to see this, is to go out and watch for it, allow it into our life and to acknowledge even the moments and happenings that seem tiny to us.

It might seem to us as if this is only a drop in the ocean.  But then again, the ocean is made of many such drops.

By shifting our focus, we not only shift our perception, we actually actively change the world we live in.”

-Stefanie Neumann

Therefore, let us watch for peace, love and beauty, this Easter.  Let us watch for all of the joyful things, for ourselves as well as for those who currently find themselves in a situation where they cannot experience these attributes even though they wish they could.  Let us create a space for a peaceful life in love and beauty, let us actively bring this life into the world by living it as well as we can – for ourselves and for them.

What can you do, today, to make this world a beautiful place to live in?  What can you do in each moment to allow an experience of peace into your life?

Are you ready to shine a bright light of awareness on the path of beingness, today?

Much love,