The Difference Between Isolation And Solitude

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While in the old days people were actually seeking regular phases of solitude, in the modern times that have been created especially during the last twenty years, many people felt increasingly isolated.

While both states require loneliness, the former has a notion of positivity and health whereas the latter comes with a notion of being cut off and in the wrong place.  One could also say:

While in isolation one is alone, in solitude one is all-one.”

-Stefanie Neumann

So, what exactly is the difference between isolation and solitude?

In one word, the difference is connection.


When somebody is isolated, they feel cut off, discontent, depressive and generally like they are in the wrong place.  An experience like this is very draining and over a longer period of time can lead to serious health issues.


When somebody undergoes a period of solitude, they actually pursue an experience of deep connection; connection to Self, connection to Mother Nature, connection to Source.  Thus, it is not possible to feel isolated.  An experience like this can bring tremendous health benefits.

In the presence of connection it is impossible to feel isolated.”

-Stefanie Neumann

Alchemy: Turning One Into The Other

Thus, all that we need when feeling isolated is connection.  This sometimes seems to be easier said than done.  That is especially the case when we couple our need for connection with the dependency on others.

This sounds like a conundrum, does it not?

At first glance it does, admittedly.  However, with a closer look it becomes clear, that others never can fulfil our need for connection.  Because here is the big secret:

We have everything we need already inside us.”

-Stefanie Neumann

Have you ever been at a party where everybody is having a ball while you felt somewhat cut off and in the wrong place?  Exactly: When someone feels isolated, being in a crowd of (happy) people can make their situation much worse as our feeling of disconnection increases with every person we meet and feel disconnected from.

Have you ever felt isolated after a deep meditation or after a long walk in Nature?  Exactly: When we go into meditation or enjoy Mother Nature, we go into a state of connection.  And in the presence of connection it is impossible to feel isolated; remember?


Solitude can be just the medicine we need when we feel isolated.”

-Stefanie Neumann

This is the case because solitude allows us to re-align with our own Self – which is the deepest and most profound connection we have.  Some would say that this is our connection to Source, as well.  Personally, I would agree with this.

Solitude re-connects us with our own Self.  And this is where our power lies as everything always starts within.”

-Stefanie Neumann


A good dose of solitude can work miracles.”

-Stefanie Neumann.

What are your experiences with isolation and solitude?  What helps you when you feel isolated?

Are you ready to shine a bright light on the path of beingness, today?

Much Love,