Wild Encounters LCA Osdorfer Feldmark 00 © Stefanie Neumann – Kokopelli Bee Free - All Rights Reserved; #KBFWalk #KBFPhotography

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In the beginning of May Kim and I took an early Summer walk in the West of Hamburg which led us to the duck pond and into the landscape conservation area Osdorfer Feldmark.

Everything was greening and blossoming, the air smelled deliciously like sweet honey and the wild animals were extraordinarily trusting.

First we visited the duck pond on whose shore we found blossoms which I could not yet specify more closely.  I assume it perhaps is a kind of cotton grass.  We also saw the first duck weed on the water and the stinging nettles as well as other plants along the shore stretched out towards the early summer sun rays.

The young apple tree on the little lawn next to the duck pond just started to blossom and the roses stretched out the first new shoots of the season.

Next to the stinging nettles at the shore we naturally also found the ubiquitous dandelion with its radiantly yellow blossoms as well as with the first puffballs and I could also discover some creeping charlie on the little lawn.

On the short way to the LCA Osdorfer Feldmark we saw even more…

As we arrived at the Osdorfer Feldmark the landscape around us shone in the golden sunlight.

The hackberries were in full bloom and beguiled us with their honey-like fragrance, the trees let the first tiny leaves shine in the sunlight while the shrubs in the amphibians reserve already stood in their full green splendour and also the hawthorn stretched its first tender leaves towards us.


Naturally, a lot of wild herbs could also be found in the feldmark like, for example, hedge garlic and starwort.


Of course, we also met many animals during our walk.  Amongst them was a coot, a wild geese couple as well as a group of unspecified songbirds who held a kaffeeklatsch in the tree.


I also took a few moving pictures where you can see much more:

The stars of the video are, in order of appearance:

apple blossom an unspecified blossoming shore plant (maybe cotton grass?) 2x blossoming dandelion an unspecified blossoming shore plant (maybe cotton grass?) duck pond with opposite shore duck pond with willow branches young rose leaves puffballs creeping charlie 2x stinging nettles and other plants 2x lilac blossoms blooming meadow in the feldmark hedge garlic with ant 3x blossoming hackberry young tree greens with blackbird song May meadow in the feldmark  running hare hare on the meadow bird song and greening shrubbery hare on the path something that was too quick for me and the camera coot and hare in the amphibians reserve wind, great spotted woodpecker and wild geese family in the amphibians reserve 4x orange tips during mating ritual sleeping wild geese couple starwort along the path 2x hawthorn along the path green treetops stork in transit awakened wild geese couple on the pasture blooming wayfaring tree 2x wild geese family in the amphibians reserve wildlife at the oak tree in the feldmark ♥♥♥ the song during the credits is performed by a blackbird at the Traun Settlement.

There also have been many encounters that were not documented on camera.  Amongst them were:

many sociable blackbirds a courageous robin a couple of acrobatic blue and great tits a flock of common swifts which accompanied us for awhile three common brimstones several orange tips a pigeon who flew closely over our heads two crows who tried to drive away a buzzard a jay along the way who accidentally was scared away by a biker many horses on the pastures as well as a beautiful highly sensitive poodle and his master.

Nature is something beautiful, is it not?!

Are you ready to shine a bright light of awareness on the path of beingness, today?

Much Love,