Happy Independence Day 2017!

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Firework of Colours, 4th of July 2016

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Today, the people in the USA are celebrating Independence Day.  As my husband Kim is from the United States we naturally are celebrating, too!

Personally, I never could do much with patriotic holidays like this.  This may be because I am German and since World War II is part of our history, we have not had much sense of patriotism in Germany – except for in European football, maybe.

I do, however, have a sense of independence.  Not in a national or patriotic way.  But in the way that I have always felt quite different from the norm and that celebrating my independence from it allowed me to be more present as who I really am.

I have a feeling, that everybody has experienced a feeling like this sometime or another:

Sitting at the table during a family reunion and wondering if one really has the same genes; Overhearing a conversation in the commuting train about the latest mainstream news on a certain channel and wondering if one has actually watched the same programme, the other night; Meeting the old regulars in the pub and listening to the usual talk while wondering if one really still belongs here.

– Situations like that.  Most people probably had some time in their lives where they had to deal with similar questions.  And some people dealt with questions like this most of the time.

My point is that while it can be good to look for the similarities as connection points in life, it can be very harmful to try to make those connections by betraying who we truly are.

Not only do we then twist and bend ourselves, often to an extent that makes us ill in some way, but also we then lie to the ones we claim to love.  And amidst all this we are wondering why things feel somewhat wrong.  In the worst case we even believe that we are wrong and try to bend even more in order to fit in.

What if life is not about fitting in?  What if life is about celebrating our uniqueness and thereby our independence from a harmfully restrictive norm?  (Not every norm has to be harmful.)  What if the first and foremost similarity between all of us is that we are all different?  And what if this is a good thing?

A friend of mine used to say that we all bring our individual part to the circle and that the circle is not complete if one of us is missing.  Others call this “Oneness in Diversity”.

I often refer to the above as some of you probably have noticed.  However, it contains such a strong truth that I find it worthwhile to be repeated often.

If we create a rigid norm in order to try to connect solely through similarities, we will build a line and only one at a time will stand at the front and get a piece of the cake.  If we allow ourselves independence from rigid structures that feel limiting to us, we can use our similarities as a bridge to explore and connect our differences without judgement, and with that, we are building a circle, or even a spiral, in which everybody can reach an evenly sized part of the cake.

Through which option would you experience more connectedness, more oneness?

With this in mind:

A Happy Independence Day!

Are you ready to shine a bright light of awareness on the path of beingness, today?

Much Love,