#KBFWalk on a Sunny June Day

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On a nice sunny day, about a month ago, we visited the duck pond at my old stomping grounds, again.  We had something to do in the area and were too tired for a walk. So, we went to the pond to get a little bit of sun, anyway, and also to see how our friends there are doing.

There was a lot to see so that I suddenly found myself checking out the little place to the tiniest detail while Kim was dosing on a bench.

At the various bushes I found beautiful blossoms, interesting plays of light and shadow and even the first berries.

The roses were about to fade, already, and the first rose hips were forming up.

On the meadow I found all kinds of little wild flowers.

And I extensively studied the cranesbill.

Somehow the stay at the duck pond was so replenishing that we decided thereupon to cover a part of our way home by walking through the landscape conservation area Osdorfer Feldmark, with which we finally still got to take our walk.

But first there was a lot more to discover on the short route from the duck pond to the landscape conservation area. There are, for example, the cherry trees – of which I do not know if the fruits are actually edible, mind you.

Apart from the cherry trees many other trees and shrubs can be found on the way.

We also met a few insects.

Finally, the Osdorfer Feldmark welcomed us with sweet afternoon light, luminous green and pleasantly cool shade.

And then there also were the magical moments before we came to the main road and from there took the bus home.

Lastly, there is also a video with moving pictures, and yes, there are also ducks to look at:

Are you ready to shine a bright light of awareness on the path of beingness, today?

Much Love,