#KBFRecommendation: A Call For A Loving Heart

#KBFRecommendation: A Call For A Loving Heart © Stefanie Neumann - All Rights Reserved.

Last Tuesday my husband Kim published a blog post named Call For A Loving Heart in which he is describing current ascension symptoms and calling on everybody to use the energies that may come up for us in a constructive way.

Due to our own life circumstances which currently look rather… chaotic (one could say the shit is hitting the fan quite constantly), I can personally attest that he knows what he ist talking about.

In his post he says:

Let us remember there is no one to fight – fights are fabricated, sustained and profited from by the vampires. Instead build, support, express yourself artistically and give as little attention to shame-blame-persecute-judge as possible. Let us build our world from the inside of ourselves out. You’ll know you’re on the right path because it will feel so much more satisfying than resonating with the media memes and the corporate directives and the fear-mongering from politicians and other talking heads.”

-Kim Anthony Kersey

To read Kim’s complete blog post, which I highly recommend to you, please go to his blog, here:

A Call For A Loving Heart

Are you ready to shine a bright light of awareness on the path of beingness, today?

Much Love,

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