#KBFWalk: An August Walk in Three Acts. – 2nd Act

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2nd Act: Encounters with Dahlias

After I saw so many beautiful pictures of the first dahlias on Twitter, Kim and I decided last Saturday to ring in Celtic Autumn this year with an early visit to the heritage-protected  Dahlia Garden Hamburg.

The Dahlia Garden is adjacent to the landscape-conserved Altonaer Volkspark from which our home is only a few minutes’ walk away. After we arrived in the Dahlia Garden, leaving the Saturday flea market of the Bahrenfelder Trabrennbahn, the outer reaches of the bordering allotment gardens as well as along the woods that belong to the Altonaer Volkspark behind us, varied colours, splendid shapes and noon’s calm with sounds woven into the carpet of stillness awaited us.  There was the humming of the insects which, in spite of the industrious activity of our winged friends, had a calming effect.  There was the song of birds.  There was the mumbling of visitors passing by.  And even the distant booming of engines which wafted in from the nearby main street somehow fitted itself into the silent sound-carpet of noon’s calm.

The weather presented itself from a pleasantly summery side, bright, warm, yet thanks to the light breeze not too warm.  Typically North-German.  Also typically North-German were the clouds in the sky which for a short period drew together in a denser gray and threatened to rain, but then opened the curtain for the early afternoon sun and produced a pretty blue-white background for it.

Although the full splendour of blossoms with which the Dahlia Garden impresses visitors in late Autumn is still unfolding a number of various colour intense blossoms greeted us.  As we took our time during the encounters by the wayside on the way to the venue, we only walked to the middle of the Dahlia Garden, held a little picnic and then took the middle exit into the forest and on our way home.  Thus, the other half of the garden is still waiting to be explored by us.

In the area of the entrance coming into the Dahlia Garden from the main street are mostly decorative dahlias.  Towards the middle follow a few collar dahlias, ball dahlias and other varieties which I could not specify any further as I could not find any name tags from my location. As far as I know cactus dahlias and antler dahlias are found near the main entrance that leads from the Volkspark into the Dahlia Garden, as well.  We will take a look at them at a different time.

It is amazing what variety the dahlia itself shows.  The splendid colours stand for themselves, but even if the plant would only exist in one colour the different shapes alone would be so manifold that one would never get bored.

I firstly present the dahlias sorted after colours, today – although this is difficult with all the special multi-coloured varieties…

Dahlias in mostly white and cream:

Dahlias in mostly yellow and orange:

Dahlias in mostly pink:

Dahlias in mostly red:


Study of the decorative dahlia Duet Striped:

Study of the decorative dahlia Contraste:

Dahlias and bees:

Which colours and shapes do you especially enjoy?

Are you ready to shine a bright light of awareness on the path of beingness, today?

Much Love,

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