#KBFWalk: An August Walk in Three Acts. – 3rd Act

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3rd Act: Encounters in the Woods

After I saw so many beautiful pictures of the first dahlias on Twitter, Kim and I decided last Saturday to ring in Celtic Autumn this year with an early visit to the heritage-protected  Dahlia Garden Hamburg.

The Dahlia Garden is adjacent to the landscape-conserved Altonaer Volkspark from which our home is only a few minutes’ walk away.  After we had seen about half of the Dahlia Garden we decided to make our way home.  That lead us along the backside of the Bahrenfelder Trabrennbahn through a part of the woods at the Altonaer Volkspark.

The afternoon sun developed quite some power and as there is not much shade in the Dahlia Garden we welcomed the cooling, green canopy of the adjacent forest very much.

It is astonishing what scenic and species-rich diversity can be found in a relatively small area – particularly as we are located in the middle of a city.  There are the small miracles that can be discovered by the wayside and that are so strength-giving. There are the beautiful gardens – the allotment gardens but also the front yards of the neighbouring houses – that are being passed by along the way.  There is the uplifting splendour of the Dahlia Garden with all the humming of bees and other insects.  There is the cool, grounding forest of the Volkspark with the integrated nature conservation area and its very own habitat.  And then there also is the adjacent Edwardian style School Garden which we did not visit during this walk, mind you, but which once was the original location of the Dahlia Garden Hamburg.

And even in the little stretch of woods that we came through on our way home was a rich variety, especially as the Volkspark is designed as a mixed forest.

We found different shades of green.

At a closer look we discovered a variety of colours, shapes, light and shadow on the way.

We also came by a few calm islands for humans and animals.

Regarding the trees it also is worthwhile to take a closer look, as they not only wear pretty leafy haircuts but also often beautiful bark gowns.

Do you like to walk in the forest, too?

In conclusion a few moving pictures from our walk in three acts:

Are you ready to shine a bright light of awareness on the path of beingness, today?

Much Love,

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