Afraid of Ghosts?

Angst vor Geistern? © Stefanie Neumann - Kokopelli Bee Free - All Rights Reserved.

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Hamburg the 3rd of August 2010

Someone once said to me: „I know you are afraid of ghosts, too. But I won’t be one.“ – Then he vanished like a ghost from my life and became like a ghost for me.

Am I afraid of ghosts? I have seen many ghosts. Ghosts of the past. Ghosts of the future. Fear-ghosts. Poltergeists. Earthbound soul-ghosts. Angel-ghosts. Vision-ghosts. Ancestor-ghosts. Unredeemed-feelings-ghosts… Some of them can indeed be frightening. Yet, they also do not have much substance here on earth. They do not appear very physical and therefore in themselves they are lacking sovereignty. It is we who give them substance, here, physicality, sovereignty. Only when I do that, can the ghosts influence me. If I do not do that, if I pay no attention to them, if I leave them be, they cannot affect me. Therefore, there is not much for me to be afraid of. And I am not. Not of ghosts.

Someone erred. I am not afraid of ghosts. Rather, the behavior of humans often frightens me. Especially of those who do not act very aware. Humans give substance to things, they make what happens physical. Often hurt is caused if one is not aware during this process. Some happens by mistake, some is accepted as collateral damage, some is done on purpose. That often frightens me. I then am afraid to open my heart at all.

Someone else once said: „Fear is not love. Fear is the opposite of love.“ – Often humans hurt each other out of fear. If not always.

Someone else spoke true. Fear is not love. Fear causes pain and hurt. And although I often am frightened to death I still open my heart for other humans anew, over and over again. Being afraid is no reason to not do something. A lack of courage, however, is a reason. I rarely lack courage. And when I lack it, I feel awful. No wonder because if I lack courage, I stay stuck in fear. I then am not in love, do not allow myself to go there and that hurts. I hurt myself with that. Most of the time I am the one who gives courage to others, the one who encourages them to trust in love. And when I really lack courage myself, usually someone else shows up and reminds me: Fear is not love.

What do you choose: Fear or love?

Are you ready to shine a bright light of awareness on the path of beingness, today?

Much Love,