Assumption of Mary – How Mary Reminds Us of Allowing the Female Energy

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Tomorrow is Assumption of Mary. According to Christian custom, the Women’s Thirty are beginning, now – a time of transition to Autumn, during which we remember the attributes of the female energy and strengthen and integrate them into our lives. I find this a beautiful custom for all people, as long as they can reconcile it with their own beliefs. Personally, I can.

It is said that during this time from August 15th to September 15th the earth will be blessed by the Divine Mother and also that the herbs now being collected are of particular healing power.

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Female energy stands for being, allowing, togetherness, home and motherly comfort. I think we can all use a little more of that right now. But where to get it?

Correspondingly, I recently saw a nice message on Twitter from a very sweet person whom I follow there. She described a dream in which a woman told her that considerateness was now the most important thing for humanity and that if we could do this, the indescribable would happen.

I am finding this message very true, as only if we ourselves start to consistently practice peace, love and considerateness something can change in the world.

This also goes wonderfully together with the energy of Mary, which is honored these days in Christian areas.

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Another very sweet person recently shared in a comment on my last blog post how she feels she sometimes has a harder time because she speaks up when she sees injustice and does not blindly go along with everything. A feeling which I can understand well and which has certainly deterred many people for a long time to walk a similar path. However, I believe, that nothing will change if we do not change and that the more people join in, it will become easier.

This is where the male energy comes into play again, because it stands for doing, action and making. And with all the beautiful insights we have about love and peace on earth, nothing will change if we do not take action ourselves. This is about the balance of doing and being.

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Another beautiful picture from Christianity describes Mary as the completely heal (and whole) human without sin.  Personally, I do not believe that anyone in this world was born in sin. Instead, I believe that in our origin we are all like Mary and only have forgotten it, temporarily. So for me, these days are a good opportunity to remember our own innocence again. It is high time to integrate it into our lives so that something can actually change in this world.  It’s time to create peace.

Are you in on this? How do you create peace?

Are you ready to shine a bright light of awareness on the path of beingness, today?

Much Love,