My Eighth Blog Anniversary

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Can you believe it?

Eight years ago today, I first started blogging.

At that time we were staying in Ireland where my now husband and I were virtually stranded for three months. We were just in the middle of packing, as our sojourn in Ireland was coming to an end. Half a household was packed up to first travel through the United Kingdom for the next month and then return home to Germany to our home town Hamburg. And in the middle of all that I started blogging.

No April fooling around.

Well, it can be that way, sometimes.

Often I look back at my life and marvel at how there are sometimes phases in which so much happened at once, and I think: Wow, that was also during that time?

On the other hand, this is probably the essence of moving times that just a lot is happening.

Most of the time during such phases, I found that, at least in retrospect, I could see a lot of good things. Sometimes it was immediately obvious, as it was during the time in Ireland and Great Britain. Sometimes I could only recognize the great gift in retrospect. But I always knew deep inside of me, even in the darkest of times, that somehow life would go on.

The last few years have been different. One could say that my personal apocalypse has descended upon me and the horror simply does not end.

Now, an apocalypse is not necessarily a bad thing in itself. It reveals the truth, what is actually there, what is real. This can be disappointing, of course, when in the course of it one bids farewell to cherished illusions. On the other hand, the truth gives us real, solid ground under our feet, which then does not break away from us anymore.

Unless there are elements around us that do indeed want to harm us and we find ourselves in a situation where we just cannot turn around and walk away.

Oh, well. I suppose this gives us a chance to transform all the high-minded concepts of wisdom into lived wisdom, that is, into reality.

Love all people, have an open heart and trust that you are protected and that all is well.

Sounds great, does it not? (Well, it is.)

Yet what does it look like in practice when, for example, someone suddenly appears at your door with a pickaxe and threatens to smash your face?

What does it look like in practice when, for example, you are constantly exposed to mental violence and are under constant attack?

What does it look like in practice when suddenly everything falls away and you have no one to turn to and all the people you thought would care about you (and who you care about yourself) are turning the other way for fear of helplessness or even start throwing shit at you, when observers and people in responsible and helping positions suddenly become yoga experts and stick their heads up their arses?

Surely everyone can answer this question only for themselves and I am not sure if I have already found an answer in my personal case.

I believe that perhaps one of the most important insights is that I am truly and genuinely love.

Do I feel that some of the people who have caused me harm, lately, deserve to take a proper dose of their own medicine? – Yes, of course. Perhaps it would even be curative.

Do I wish that for them (and me)? – No. I cannot seriously wish for someone to feel so damn bad – and I cannot wish for something like that to happen because of a wish of mine.

Why? – Because I for this would have to hate so much that it destroys the love in me – or rather my access to it. And that love is the basis for all the love we share. My love for myself and for others, but also the love of others.  To share love, to live love.

It seems to be that way with all things.

Now, as I am writing this, we are situated in the middle of a global apocalypse.

Perhaps our insights from our personal apocalypses – and I know that many of us have experienced them recently – may help us to overcome the global apocalypse, to alleviate all the terrors and to look to the future with more love.

We cannot avert it, anymore. But we can do our best, be our best.

It is often said that in such times, both the worst and the best sides of people come to the fore. Which side that is to be is up to each and every one of us. That is a choice we have. We can let it be a spiritual concept, or we can let it become a lived truth.

Are you ready to shine a bright light of awareness on the path of beingness, today?

Much Love,