Easter 2020

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…and suddenly the Easter Bunny stood at the door!

This time, writing the Easter post feels so completely different than in previous years.

Often I wrote about Easter being a time of hope and new beginnings. This is true for the Celtic holiday Ostara, the Spring Equinox, as well as for the Christian festival of Easter, which is celebrated in many places, today.

As with so many things, I sometimes felt like a broken record. Over and over again I kept repeating certain things. Less and less and less things were moving.

In recent years, many things have come to a standstill for me. This is not like me at all and I found it extremely frightening, to the point that I lost my feeling-believed-in and my trust, even my faith in the idea that there is always a way. My health – also my physical health – began to suffer, and this also took on frightening dimensions. I felt so isolated that I thought God had forgotten me; or that he at least had not noticed that I had gone missing; or that he simply did not care. Perhaps that was the case. Who knows?

Fact is, however, that I do care. Once my time has come to shed earthly life, then I will be ready. Even if it should happen sooner than I expected. I will know it, and it will be all right. Right now, it is not like that. It is not all right. Apart from the fact that I like living on earth and damn well deserve to experience a decent portion of peace and happiness, I also have something further to do here. And I would like to continue with that now. In fact I insist on it. And it would be wise not to stand in my way.

This realisation helped me. My problems have not vanished into thin air because of this – at least not until now. Some of them I could simply take on myself, as I have drawn new strength. For others I need one or the other miracle. And I insist on that, too. If that means that I have to kick the Universe’s arse in order to get it going, then I will simply buy myself very big shoes. With steel tips, if need be.

I would call that a new beginning in a fairly practical sense. Not with the kind of hope that is dangling in front of one’s nose and, as with the donkey and the carrot, remains unattainable. Rather, the kind of hope that comes from knowing deep down that something is possible and from allowing oneself that possibility wholeheartedly.

Incidentally, I am seeing certain parallels with the current global situation. The isolation that many are now confronted with, the fears and darkness through which many are now going. And the awakening to one’s own power, which many are experiencing now, while others prefer to indulge in malice, because they are mistaking this for a feeling of power.

With all due understanding and compassion… there is no place in my life for the latter, anymore. In the throes of the apocalypse, I do not see how we can afford this kind of behaviour. It only makes things worse, and personally, I have had enough worse. That one can have a bad day is one thing – and that this might happen more often than usual in such times. But whoever thinks that this is a licence to mutate into an arrogant stinkhead, is now getting a boundary set by me. In recent years, I have had the opportunity to take a close look at this kind of energy. This means that I have the tool to recognise it, and even if I am shaking in my boots, at times, I will use this tool and radically weed out people with such behaviour of my environment. I already am doing that. Each time, it is at once sad and liberating. I do not like to leave anyone behind in a crisis like this. But sometimes one just has to hit the ground before one can get up. In free fall, that is difficult to do, anyway. I know that from my own experience. And also where it leads if one constantly excuses poor behaviour. It leads straight to hell on earth. And I do not wish to go there.

Instead, I prefer to use my energy to turn even more towards those who, despite fears and uncertainties, are opening their heart, shining their light, reaching out their hands and saying:

Let’s go through this together.

And then let’s take this with us into the time when everything is overcome.”

I am currently seeing an incredible number of these people, for that matter. And that also gives me hope.

I find it sad and appalling that it takes a crisis like this to make a bitterly needed global change of attitude at least socially acceptable.

But it gives me courage to see how many people are now also simply willing to help limit the damage that has been done, and to – no, not to find – to create pathways together towards a friendlier, healthier coexistence.

Probably the isolation before the isolation simply prevented us from seeing each other.

Now we do. A new beginning that presents us with hope.

With this in mind:

Have a wonderful Easter!

Or, if you don’t celebrate Easter, just have a wonderful time. As wonderful as can be.

That is allowed even in apocalyptic times. It is indeed important, because every light that shines makes the darkness more bearable for all of us until it has dissolved.

And if you feel too bad to have a wonderful time, right now, then please be especially gentle with yourself and know that there are other people who care about you, who think about you and love you. I, for example, care about you, I think about you and I love you – yes, exactly you.

How are you doing? What helps you to navigate through this time?

Are you ready to shine a bright light of awareness on the path of beingness, today?

Much Love and please take good care of yourself,