An April Walk in 2019

B!: Sandpfad in sonnendurchfluteter, rot- und grünblättriger Parklandschaft, von blühender japanischen Kirsche überwölbt. – Sand path in sun-drenched, red and green leafed parkscape overarched by blooming Japanese cherry tree.

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Last year in April, I took a walk to the Edwardian School Garden of the nearby LCA Altonaer Volkspark. It was a beautiful day and everything was literally sun-drenched.

On the way through the woods to the part of the park that is the School Garden, we saw flowering quince in bloom, first Spring greens in the woods, wild garlic blossoming on the grounds and a beautiful canopy of the copper-beech-tree which marks the entrance to the School Garden.

On the meadowy grounds of the School Garden lady’s smock was blossoming and the trees of the Prunus family showed their most beautiful colours in bloom and leaf.

Including the apple trees whose blossoms scented sweet and gave away a floral foretaste of delicious fruits in Autumn.

The Japanese cherry trees where in full bloom, as well, which gave the landscape a gentle touch.

Everything was suffused with sunlight which gave the landscape an enchanting glow.

I took some moving pictures, as well…:

Are you ready to shine a bright light of awareness on the path of beingness, today?

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