#KBFWalk: A Walk Through Time And Space

2020-07-21.00_#KBFWalk © Stefanie Neumann - #KBFPhotography - All Rights Reserved

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Last week, I took a walk in the park with a friend in England.

So, Steffi, you have been travelling to England?


So, this is a typo and your friend from England had visited.


But we found a way to bridge space and time.

Throughout that day, mentioned friend and I had chatted online about life, the universe and everything.

As my health has improved greatly, lately, and the UV-index was low enough so that I could dare an outing after the sun had lowered behind the buildings, I eventually decided to get out in the evening.

Said friend had been wanting to take up their regular walks for a while, as well, so they decided to join me. Or rather, we decided to start at the same time and have each join the other by taking photos and videos that we would share after our return.

While my friend meandered through the woodlands of a National Park adjacent to the place where they live, I took a stroll at the School Garden of the LCA Altonaer Volkspark, right across the street from where I live.

We had not agreed on a time to be back, as we did not want to limit each of our enjoyment of the experience to connect with nature. But magically we began to check-in with each other at the same time, again. So we had been connected, all the time, despite the physical distance.

We each greatly enjoyed our walks and it was fun to share the pictures and videos we had taken for each other.

Today I am sharing my pictures with you. It was just so beautiful out there.

Let’s walk together for a while!

Discoveries on the way to the park…

At the LCA Altonaer Volkspark:


At the School Garden of the park:



Harvesting time is nigh…

Calm reflections…

And last but not least, some exclusive Slow-TV for you:

I hope you enjoyed the walk as much as I did. Let’s share the joy!

Do you have favourite walking areas? Do you have the chance to make it out there, currently?

Are you ready to shine a bright light of awareness on the path of beingness, today?

Much Love,