A Leap Of Faith

A Leap Of Faith © Stefanie Neumann - #KBFArt

“Damn vertigo”

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Sometimes, when everything seems to fall apart, it really merely is the old falling apart and the new becoming.

This can feel very scary. In fact, I am just undergoing a process like that myself. And I feel very scared, at times.

The only thing that helps me through this is trust. Mainly trusting myself and my own perception. That includes vigilantly stopping to doubt myself.

Sometimes I feel like I just cannot do this on my own. That is the point when I ask for divine intervention. If this terminology does not work for you, you can also say, I ask for serendipity to kick in.

The point is, that things are sometimes bigger than the sum of things. And this then needs a bigger perspective. Sometimes this perspective is so new, that we cannot fathom it. But we can expand what we know, allow new experiences and create new vantage points.

This needs courage, trust and faith, as well the belief, that this is possible.

I do not have great wisdom to share, today, as I was busy with life and the process mentioned above. Yet, I wanted to stay connected. So I am sharing where I am at.

Where are you at, right now? Is it a challenging time for you, as well, or are you walking through these days in ease and grace? Or is it maybe both at the same time?

Are you ready to shine a bright light of awareness on the path of beingness, today?

Much Love,