Dancing The Wheel Into June

Dancing The Wheel Into June © Stefanie Neumann - #KBFPhotography - All Rights Reserved. - violettfarbenen, geöffneten Blüte; von der Nachmittagssonne golden illuminierte Blätter eines undefinierten Obstgehölz; grünes, voll entfaltetes Ahornblatt mit leichter Rotschattierung; vier verschienene Hornveilchen (zwei lila-, ein weiß- und ein orange-violett-blühendes), Stockrosenblätter und Farn. - Comfrey with buds and a purple, open blossom; leaves of an undefined fruit tree, illuminated golden by the afternoon sun; green, fully unfurled maple leaf with a slight shade of red; four different horned violets (two purple-, one white- and one orange-violet-blossomed), hollyhock leaves and fern.

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Bordüre mit 9 fünfblättrigen blauen Blüten m. gelber Mitte, verziert m. grünen Ornamenten. Erinnert an stilisierte Vergissmeinnicht. Oben eine kleine Biene in gelb & braun, mittig ein kleiner roter Marienekäfer m. schwarzen Punkten auf einem der grünen Ornamente. #KBFHandcrafted_ForgetMeNots Bordüre Rycr © Stefanie Neumann - #KBFHandcrafted - All Rights Reserved. A border of 9 five-petalled blue flowers each with a yellow centre, decorated with green ornaments. Reminiscent of stylised forget-me-nots. A small bee in yellow & brown at the top, a small red ladybird with black dots in the middle on one of the green ornaments.

These days I am focusing on the seemingly little things that are having such a great effect on us. Times like the ones we are currently experiencing are an invitation to look inward and that is what I am doing.

They are also an invitation to appreciate our immediate surrounding.

On the balcony, the forget-me-nots are still blossoming but along the way they are also building seeds that sow out the next generations of beauty. Hopefully, this time some of it will grow back on our balcony, next season.

Meanwhile, the horned violets are growing and growing and producing ever new blossoms which is such a joy to witness. Next to them, the hollyhocks are beginnig to leaf out and it only is a matter of time until we will see the first buds of this season.

The Mediterranean herbs are beginning to bud out and or Comfrey is about to open its first violet blossom, while Sage will need only a few day longer and Lavender is showing first signs of buds.

Our two Bonsai maple trees are in full leaf, now, as is the still undefined fruit tree which we believe to be a plum tree.

Creeping Charlie seems to have decided to nor grow back inside its old pot – albeit I have seen it sprouting, in April. Instead I believe to have seen a sprout of Creeping Charlie inside the neighbouring pot. That gives me hope!

Meanwhile Chickweed is leafing out big time, blossoming and making seeds.

Some of the other wild herbs are growing, now, too, as well as the bee mix flowers we have seeded.

We also have e new woodruff. Unfortunately it had not been planted well by the people who sold it to the organic store where we found it. We are giving it the best care and are hoping it will survive!

Bordüre bestehend aus Ornamenten in violett, orange und grün, die an blühende Hornveilchen erinnern. Zusätzlich ein kleiner roter Marienkäfer mit schwarzen Punkten sowie ein kleiner pinkfarbener Schmetterling mit weinroten Punkten und braunem Körper. - Hornveilchen ov Bordüre L © Stefanie Neumann - #KBFHandcrafted - All Rights Reserved. - Border consisting of ornaments in violet, orange and green, reminiscent of horned violets. Additionally, a small red ladybird with black dots and a small pink butterfly with wine-red dots and a brown body.

Now, that the temperatures are slowly rising a bit, we also see more non-rooted residents on the balcony as well as visitors.

Recently a little blue titmouse landed inside our fruit tree and began to thoroughly check out our balcony from there.

For a few days I have seen a big black fly landing on the balcony rail in the afternoon to get some sun. Also, as hoverfly is coming by regularly and checking out the balcony and all the plants very thoroughly. And occasionally a little wasp is stopping by to check out the balcony as well as our livingroom.

Apart from the bumblebees inside the plum tree in front of the balcony in March and April I have not seen very many bees, yet.

But I have found a lot of spiders which occasionally wander inside our living room. But they are always very cooperative to be brought outside, again.

I have also found a beautiful moth that was sleeping on our blinds. I could barely make myself known enough to get it into a Glas so I could bring it outside.

The blackbird I have been hearing for a while in the area showed up in the plum tree in front of the balcony, recently. We looked at each other for quite some time before it moved on.

Neun kleine, fünfblättrige blaue Blüten mit gelbem Zentrum, umgeben von grünen Ornamenten, die an stilisierte Vergissmeinnicht erinnern. Auf rechtseitigem Ornament sitzt oben ein roter Marienkäfer mit schwarzen Punkten. - #KBFHandcrafted_ForgetMeNots Cycrq690 © Stefanie Neumann - #KBFHandcrafted - All Rights Reserved. - Nine small, five-petalled blue flowers with a yellow centre surrounded by green ornaments reminiscent of stylised forget-me-nots. A red ladybird with black dots sits on top of the ornament on the right side.

Have you ever noticed how, in the Northern hemisphere, the light in May has a very special golden quality? I suppose it has something to do with the angle of the sun and the fresh green colour of the plants. Even now, that we are moving into June I can still notice it.

This year, everything is lush and moist as we had a lot of rain in Spring as well as during May. Perhaps it was not enough to completely fill the water reservoirs that have been affected by the draughts in the past two years, but it did have a positive effect on them and therefore on Nature.

Some Slow-TV for you: a balcony meditation; ASMR experience possible.
Ornamente in violett, orange und grün, die an drei blühende Hornveilchen erinnern. In der Mitte ein kleiner, roter Marienkäfer mit schwarzem Kopf und schwarzen Punkten. - Hornveilchen ov C © Stefanie Neumann - #KBFHandcrafted - All Rights Reserved. - Ornaments in violet, orange and green, reminiscent of horned violets. In the middle, a small, red ladybird with black head and black dots.
How are you transitioning into June? What are you noticing inside yourself and in your direct surrounding?

Are you ready to shine a bright light of awareness on the path of beingness, today?

Much Love,