Roots In The Ground, Branches In The Sky

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I have read somewhere that trees can be in communication with their surroundings over long distances and that forests are more like a big symbiotic life form rather than being made up by individual plants.

I read that in old forests the trees weave together their roots under the earth and also, that networks of fungi are part of the communication system.

It is also known that trees and particularly forests give a home to a lot of different life forms and that they are clearing CO2 out of the air and transform it into oxygen.

Come to think of it, this kind of information might fascinate me the way it does, because as a highly sensitive and highly empathic person I can relate to these ideas so well.

The empathy often makes it difficult to know what is mine and what belongs to others but it also makes me aware how everything is actually connected and that we are, albeit each having an individual experience, all one and in communication, all the time. Just that some are more aware of this than others. And that is perfect.

As a highly sensitive person, people are often drawn to me because they feel some kind of Geborgenheit – the kind of comfort a child feels when hugged by the mother (in the best case). It makes people feel at home. And people also often come to me asking for help with their problems, which then helps transform their situation. This can probably be attributed to the fact that HSP’s are often very solution oriented and noticing the in-between-tones that others often overlook. To say it according to Sid, the sloth from the Ice Age movies: We often are the sticky stuff that is holding the herd together.

Maybe that is why I like trees so much, because my heart feels at home with theirs.

How is your relationship with trees? Do you have one, at all? Can you describe yourself as a tree?

Are you ready to shine a bright light of awareness on the path of beingness, today?

Much Love,
This blog post has been inspired by the WordPress Bloganuary 2022 prompt of day thirty:
Describe yourself as a tree.
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