What Makes Us Strong?

A Few Loose Thoughts On The Subject

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Recently I read a blog post by Pooja Gudka on her blog Lifesfinewhine about mental health. In it, she mentions that people are different and therefore various things work for various people.

This is also my philosophy and I find it important that we support ourselves as well as each other in finding out what works for us, what helps us, does us good and makes us strong.

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Support And Reassurance

At the moment I have the feeling that there is a movement in society that wants to make everything equal and conform. However, both historical and my personal experience show that this does not work.

I think people are looking for support and reassurance in a world that seems to be falling apart. I can understand that well. But the way cannot be to try to squeeze everyone into the same box. Perhaps the common ground lies not in the How, but rather in the That. We all have in common that we want support and reassurance, but how we best achieve both is different for each individual. Therefore, the question arises: Is there not also – and perhaps even greater – reassurance in supporting each other in finding the best individual support? Would this not also make us strong as a society?

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Accepting Oneself

What comes to my mind is that it is often our supposed weaknesses that make us strong. As a highly sensitive person, for example, I often see this because sensitivity is still often perceived as a weakness in society. Yet it has always been my greatest strength.

I was often told not to take things so seriously, not to overrate things or not to let things get to me like that. I took that to heart. And then at some point, I no longer understood the world at all.

However, when I allowed myself to take seriously the things that were serious to me, to rate highly the things that were valuable to me and to let the things that were close to me get to me, it led me to my strengths. It literally made me strong.

By the way, I believe that this is not only true for highly sensitive people but everyone, only that the serious, valuable and close things are just different for everyone – sometimes more and sometimes less so.

We all perceive the world at least a little differently. Sometimes they are only small differences, but sometimes the differences are huge. And that is a good thing. It makes the world colourful and inspires us.

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Unite Differences


When we allow ourselves and each other to trust this perception and thus find our strengths, we also become strong as a society. Something that helps us find together in diversity is the lowest common denominator. Through the lowest common denominator, we can find ways to reach out to each other, understand each other and communicate with each other. This exchange gives us perspective and inspiration, which in turn makes us strong.


Of course, there are also people with whom we simply cannot get along. And that is also a good thing. We do not have to like everything and everyone. But we can at least try to treat these people with enough respect that we can let them be who they are. This can also make it easier for us to let ourselves be who we are (and vice versa). In this way we allow ourselves and others to be centred. This also makes us strong.


Sometimes we encounter people, things or situations that just do not work for us at all. That is also a good thing. It gives us the chance to explore our healthy boundaries and if in doubt, to execute them. Knowing and keeping our own healthy boundaries is something that also makes us strong, as is accepting the healthy boundaries of others.

Even though different things make us strong and our strengths lie in different areas and are expressed differently, there are a few common denominators that help us to integrate what works for us individually and support each other in it. This gives us the freedom to do what truly makes us strong instead of limiting ourselves to what others think should make us strong.

Would that not be much more enriching for us as individuals and as a society?

Personally, at least, I feel that way.

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What makes you strong? Can you accept your strengths? Do you find it easy to support others in finding their strengths or is this rather difficult for you?

Are you ready to shine a bright light of awareness on the path of beingness, today?

Much Love,

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