About the Bee Queen

Stefanie Neumann Portrait-1swq © Sehnaz Seker - Some Rights Reserved.

Basically I am… well… me!

That contents:
Dreamer. Visionary. Connector. Peacefounder. Adventurer. Teacher. Learner. Artist. Embodied Spirit. …

Through the art of awareness I am shining a bright light on the path of beingness.

Born as a highly sensitive person and empath I am using these gifts to bring awareness into the world through authenticity. This comes with a natural, strong tendency for clarity. I am in love with creative expression, drawing my inspiration from a colourful, wide range of interests. People often describe me as open-hearted and friendly.

What I learned from life on earth:
You cannot think an experience. But you can thank for it.

-Stefanie Neumann

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