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Life is but a dream

LIFE IS BUT A DREAM: “When we allow ourselves to fill up with #light, the being that we are is made clear to us. We are beings of light. We are individuated realms of light who are conscious & aware. & we are loved.” – Kim Anthony Kersey


#KBFRecommendation: A Call For A Loving Heart

#KBFRecommendations – A CALL FOR A LOVING HEART: “Let us remember there is no one to fight – fights are fabricated, sustained and profited from by the vampires.” – Kim Anthony Kersey | #KBFTogetherBetter #KimKerseyBlog #KFPhotography

Generation Zero Point

GENERATION ZERO POINT: “Can you imagine a world where when faced with a situation where you need help, you know with all certainty that you can ask for it and it will be given? Happily. Willingly. No blame. No guilt. No shame. No judgement. No conditions.” – Kim Anthony Kersey | #KimKerseyBlog #GenerationZeroPoint #KBFPhotography #Reset

The Feeling of Home

THE FEELING OF HOME: “Whatever brings home to our heart – a place, a song, a mountain, a river, a smell, a favorite dish – being there in that moment is a very nice feeling. When I allow my attention to stay with that feeling, it feels good. It feels good and right to notice you are home.” – Kim Anthony Kersey | Image: Cozy Cherry Bloom © Stefanie Neumann – All Rights Reserved; #KBFPhotography #KimKerseyBlog

Crop Circle ;)

CROP CIRCLE 😉 : “Alignment comes in many forms” – Kim Anthony Kersey | Image: Crop Circle © Stefanie Neumann – All Rights Reserved; #KBFPhotography

The Music of Ireland « Kim Kersey Blog

A beautiful poem by Kim Anthony Kersey featuring my image Gorse Field.  You find Kim’s post, here: The Music of Ireland « Kim Kersey Blog. Much Love, Steffi

Your Sixth Sense

Your Sixth Sense Being awake is experiencing yourself as a being of love.” -Kim Kersey A beautiful post by my dear husband Kim Kersey about experiencing ourselves as physical beings while remembering we… Continue reading

The Hand We Are Dealt

Originally posted on Kim Kersey Blog:
I have always been envious of musical talent in others.  In my early teens as I was trying to think my way into a career path, I…

Attention Brings Clarity

Originally posted on Kim Kersey Blog:
ATTENTION BRINGS CLARITY Yesterday I cleaned the bathroom.  I like a clean bathroom – cleaning the bathroom I like less.  I notice that when I now go…

Always Reach for the Stars

“Always reach for the stars.” My partner Kim Kersey about using the power of intention to experience yourself on more solid ground and how being gentle to yourself transforms stuckness and bogged down… Continue reading

Essence of Existence

Originally posted on Kim Kersey Blog:
As we become more and more accustomed to knowing ourselves as spiritual beings having a human experience, I am noticing how that process is without drama or…

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    Die Teeparty Des Verrückten, Traurigen Hutmachers – Eine #7DayTale Kurzgeschichte

    Die Teeparty Des Verrückten, Traurigen Hutmachers – Eine #7DayTale Kurzgeschichte

    Eine #7DayTale Kurzgeschichte

    Mein #7DayTale für Februar 2023 ein bisschen aufgehübscht als Kurzgeschichte auf meinem Blog.


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