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The Art of Awareness.

A bright light on the path of beingness.

We cannot show our work, so don’t ask.”

–Garret LoPorto

When it comes to describing what I do, here, I find myself thinking of this quote from the Wayseer Manifesto. It is a wonderful concept that allows the freedom to explore the new and connect all the dots of how we affect the world with our presence.   Yet, it seems difficult when it comes to writing an about page like this.

Something that connects all the aspects of my work is probably the creative expression and awareness. Life itself is pure creative expression. And I have always been exploring ways to create an awareness for this.

You cannot think an experience. But you can thank for it.”

–Stefanie Neumann

One of my talents as a highly sensitive person and an empath is to notice energies and connections which tend to escape the perception of most people. Another one of my talents is to share what I see in ways that benefit the people around me and allow them to experience themselves in a new, safe and non-judgemental space. And this is what you find here.

Dance with the Kokopelli. Fly with the bee. Live life free.”

–Stefanie Neumann

If you are looking for ways to fit into society as we have known it, you probably won’t find much that benefits you, here. But if you are interested in finding new ways of living, developing a new consciousness and establishing a new energy, you came to the right place.

Let’s walk and shine our lights together on this journey for a while.

As I am from Germany and also a citizen of this whole world the posts on this blog are written in English and/or German language.

If what you find here resonates with you, please feel free to come back to enjoy and share as you like.  If it doesn’t, please feel free to look for what inspires and encourages you at other places – and I hope you find what you are looking for, there.  🙂

Thank you for being here!

Much love,

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