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Here you find important tips of the beekeeper about how to avoid stings and create a peaceful togetherness with this hive and with other bee colonies.

Feedback & Comments:

Feedback is always welcome. In fact, it is even very important and highly appreciated. Yet, there are some things you may want to stay conscious of when you communicate within this hive.

When I sit down to write a feedback or comment I spend time, heart and thought to create it. I do that because I know that the people I am giving the feedback to also spend time, heart and thought for their creation. I assume that you give the same effort when you sit down to write a feedback for my blog. And I assure you that I do the same when I create my posts, here.

To honor all that and create a safe space for members and visitors of this beehive I would like to give some tips about how to give a constructive feedback.

  1. Be clear in your intention. – What exactly do you want to say?
  2. Avoid judgement. – It is ok to disagree. But stay aware that everybody has the same right to have their opinions.
  3. Avoid projection. – It is ok to feel in a special way about something. But stay aware that you alone are responsible for your actions and reactions.
  4. Action is more powerful than reaction. – It is ok when something triggers your buttons. But stay aware that a conscious action is a sovereign step and has much more power to heal and balance than an unconscious re-action
  5. Act from a position of love and sovereignty. – Be aware that being open-hearted and authentic is not only a powerful but also a tender path which can make us feel vulnerable at times. So, please be gentle to yourself and others.
  6. Give what you hope to find. – Be aware of what you hope to find, here, and of what you are giving. Nobody can make the world a better place for you, except yourself. Nobody can walk the path for you, except yourself. Nobody can live an experience for you, except yourself. So, when you look for a safe space, here, do the first step yourself in creating it. When everybody is doing that, we all have a peaceful, loving and joyful adventure together.
  7. Stay topic related. – It is grand and intended that my posts inspire you. But stay aware that the comment section is meant for topic related comments and feedbacks. For further discussion please visit relevant forums or, if you wish even write your own article about it – and, if you are so inclined, please, let me know. 🙂
  8. The Bee Queen has the right to keep the hive clean. – The world is colourful and beautiful so I always considered it as extremely healthful and inspiring to look outside the box. Therefore exchange of viewpoints and opinions, of course, is welcome and highly appreciated inside this hive. Yet, everybody likes a clear and safe space. To provide this I take the right to delete any feedbacks or comments that I consider to be either too far away from the original topic or of otherwise inappropriate content.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read these lines and consider their content. 🙂

Kokopelli Bee Free Herzen LS-75 © Stefanie Neumann - All Rights Reserved.


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Kokopelli Bee Free Herzen LS-75 © Stefanie Neumann - All Rights Reserved.

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