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Assumption of Mary – How Mary Reminds Us of Allowing the Female Energy

#AssumptionOfMary 2018: For me, these days are an opportunity to remember our own #innocence. It is time to create #peace. Are you in on this? | #KokopelliBeeFree

🍃 Lughnasadh 2018 – The Beginning of Autumn 🍂

#LUGHNASADH 2018: It somehow becomes noticeable that it is a good time, now, to check-in within all the haste and industriousness of these days and to make an inventory. | #KokopelliBeeFree #KBFWotY #Autumn #Summer #harvest

Dancing Around The Wheel Of The Year: July

DANCING AROUND THE WHEEL OF THE YEAR – JULY: To dance around the #WheelOfTheYear also means that there is a lot to do, now, in #July. The fruit and vegetable harvest begins. | #KokopelliBeeFree #KBFAroundWotY

🎃 Samhain 2017 – A Light In Dark Places 👻

🎃 #SAMHAIN 2017 – A #LIGHT IN #DARK PLACES 👻: “Maybe, just maybe we will notice that some of the things that once have been solid and frightening now are nothing but a scary mask with merely a grey wisp of smoke and some dust behind them.” – Stefanie Neumann | #KokopelliBeeFree #Halloween #CurrentTimeQuality2017 #WheelOfTheYear

#KBFWalk: Erntedank Walk 2017

#KBFWalk: #ERNTEDANK WALK 2017: “Kim and I took the opportunity to refuel with some sun and recreation during a walk in the nearby #LCAAltonaerVolkspark.” | #KokopelliBeeFree

#KBFWalk: Early Autumn at the LCA Altonaer Volkspark

#KBFWalk – Early #Autumn at the #LCAAltonaerVolkspark: “At the beginning of #September Kim and I took a walk at the nearby landscape conservation area Altonaer Volkspark in #HamburgsWest. It was a pretty, nearly still summery day, yet, also the first signs of Autumn were noticeable.” – Stefanie Neumann | #KokopelliBeeFree #KBFPhotography

🍄 Mabon 2017 Newsletter 🍂

🍄 #MABON 2017 #NEWSLETTER 🍂: Today at 9:30 a.m. CEDT, my Ostara 2017 issue appears in which, next to a few updates, I am also sharing some musings on #recreation – suitable for the darker time of the year wich is slowly getting cosier. | #KokopelliBeeFree

🍃 Mabon 2017 – Making A Friend Of Our Own Demons. 🍂

#MABON 2017 – MAKING A FRIEND OF OUR OWN #DEMONS: “In my experience, it is mostly fear that turns a guardian spirit into a demon.” – Stefanie Neumann | #KokopelliBeeFree #Autumn #Equinox

#KBFWalk: August Walk To The Edwardian School Garden Times Two

#KBFWalk: #AUGUST WALK TO THE EDWARDIAN #SCHOOLGARDEN TIMES TWO: In the middle of the month we visited the School Garden of the #LCAAltonaerVolkspark on two consecutive afternoons. | #KokopelliBeeFree #Autumn #Summer

Transformation of a Little Red Sun…

#TRANSFORMATION OF A LITTLE #RED SUN… seen at the #LCAAltonaerVolkspark | #KokopelliBeeFree #KBFPhotography #KBFWalk

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