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A Couple of Anniversaries


6 years of Twitter and 10 years of blogging and I am so grateful to know you amazing people are out there.

#KokopelliBeeFree #KBFAnniversary

An Attitude Of Gratitude


Inspired by #bloganuary on WordPress.


The Nature Of Life


Inspired by #bloganuary on WordPress.


In Between The Years…


525600 minutes … how do you measure a year?

#KokopelliBeeFree #KBFWotY #Winter #December #January #Twelvetide

Happy Thanksgiving 2021

Happy #Thanksgiving 2021:

Is there anything in your life for which you are #thankful?

#KokopelliBeeFree #KBFWotY #Winter #November

About Gratitude – A Fortune Charm For The New Year

About Gratitude – A Fortune Charm For The New Year


Been Gone From Blogging – Well, Things Were Messed Up!

Been Gone From Blogging – Well, Things Were Messed Up!

“It’s probably safe to say that whatever you’re feeling is a normal response to a messed up situation.”
This is what a very kind person told me, recently, when I was in need of a friend.


Easter Joys

EASTER JOYS: Happy #Easter! | #KokopelliBeeFree #KBFWotY

Happy Thanksgiving 2017! – The Power of Gratitude.

HAPPY #THANKSGIVING 2017! – THE POWER OF #GRATITUDE: “#ThankYou for being part of this wonderful community.” – Stefanie Neumann | #KokopelliBeeFree

Mary and the Women’s Thirty

#MARY & THE #WOMENSTHIRTY: “Thus, this is a time of #abundance, #harvest and #gratitude. Also these days describe the #transition into #Autumn and invite to practise #contemplation, #introversion, #prayers and #meditation.” – Stefanie Neumann | #KokopelliBeeFree #AssumptionOfMary #WheelOfTheYear

Let Your Light Shine! – Revisited

LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE – REVISITED: “In this post I am talking about how New Year’s resolutions do not really work for me and how I prefer a little bit of a different perspective.” – Stefanie Neumann | #KBFTogetherBetter #KokopelliBeeFree #NewYearsResolutions

Happy Thanksgiving 2016! – We Are All One.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING 2016! – WE ARE ALL ONE.: “I like the idea behind Cloud Eagle’s story. I am sharing his vision to unite all peoples of the world in peace. For me, Thanksgiving is an opportunity to commemorate him and celebrate this vision.” – Stefanie Neumann | #KokopelliBeeFree #KBFPhotography #Thanksgiving #CloudEagle #WeAreAllOne

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    Zero-Point, Round Two

    Zero-Point, Round Two


    How do you move beyond such a zero-point and do you have to?


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