Back Home

Dieser Beitrag ist auch in deutscher Sprache verfügbar.

Yesterday night we arrived home safe and sound – back from our trip to Ireland.

Coming back from a journey is always a little like coming home to a new place.  Although everything is familiar it seems renewed and different.  I suppose that is a good sign as it means the journey has changed me an my perspective on things.  And isn’t that one of the most beautiful souvenirs you can bring home from your travels?

Our trip was full of beauty, kind encounters, challenges and new impressions.  We have visited truly beautiful places, we have met wonderful people – old and new friends amongst them, we did encounter some challenges – one of them was that I got awfully sick during the whole second week in Ireland, and we have seen things we have never seen, before.

More about that in words and pictures at the given time.  For now I need some rest as the journey by car and ferry was not only long but I am also still in recovery.

Meanwhile, a little footage of images and impressions – as a first view shared from our latest travels.  Enjoy and have a grand weekend!