Letting the Universe Help

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Oftentimes we wish for help in our lives and often times we forget that this help is available to us at any given time.

This is something that Jesus already knew when he said:

Ask and ye shall receive.

-Luke 11:9

But whom shall we ask?

Well, the universal, divine love which surrounds us at all times.  Some call it God or Goddess, others call it Universe or Love, and still others call to Jesus or the Saints or their Spiritual Helpers.  It really does not matter how we call it, does it, as long as we do it with love in our hearts.

I noticed that in many ways I receive help immediately when I ask the Universe for it.  Sometimes it may take a while until I notice but the help is there.

Additionally I observed that some aspects improve the communication with the Spirit World and thereby the potential of help available improves, as well.


Firstly it seems to be extremely important that one believes that something can change for the better and that one is worth it – having the better as well as receiving the help along the way.

At that I do not necessarily need to know how exactly this help or the result looks.  Important is that I believe that it can happen and that I deserve it.

When I notice that there are blockages it is an invitation to solve those.  With that, of course, one can ask the Universe for help, again.


Further it seems important to me to trust the Universe and the Spiritual Helpers on the way when I ask them for help.  This is part of accepting help.

Sometimes, perhaps the inner guidance leads us to situations that are perceived as scary.  Then, it is important to have trust.

This does not mean to ignore the fear.  On the contrary, it means to acknowledge the fear and yet choosing to trust our own path.  And, of course, we are allowed to ask the Universe for help with this, again.


If one encounters such fears or other dark phases along the way, naturally one does not wish to put undue focus on them.  After all, energy is following attention and one rather wishes to strengthen aspects like grace and joy instead of fear and depression.

However, to shove the latter two aside when they come up usually does not help, either.  For one, this is because then the focus lies on suppressing what is perceived as negative which only leads to more shoving away and suppression.

Apart from that, the Spirit World can only fully capture our perception of the events if we allow them complete insight.

Our Spiritual Helpers, as the name indicates, currently have no body.  Some, like the ascended masters might once have had one.  Others have not.  Just as we, here, in the embodied experience easily forget how it was to be pure spirit, I believe, in the experience of pure spirit one also easily forgets how it was to have a body.

This is something that only we as embodied spirits have fully in view; the density, the experience of pain and fear but also the experience of great joy and bliss.  And it is our task to help our spiritual company to understand this from where they are, now.

This is why we may let our Spiritual Helpers know exactly how certain experiences feel for us.  To do so, we may face those experiences ourselves, first, instead of constantly shoving them aside.

A short moment of complete, unconditional acceptance is often enough to understand – for us as well as for our Spiritual Helpers.

Oftentimes we are so busy to feeling the things that we experience as unpleasant.  Though, nothing can change this way.  The problem persists and the pressure of the shoving-away becomes bigger and bigger until, at some point it culminates in an upsurge.

However, loving acceptance and awareness bring change.  They allow us, crazy as it sounds, to let go of the problem for one moment and to shift our perspective.  They allow the Spirit World to understand how this experience feels for us and to align their help accordingly.  They allow us to be truthful with our experiences – and the truth paired with love is one of the strongest powers in the universe.

So, instead of shoving and suppressing during those times when fear, depression or other dark feelings come up I say:

I see you.  And through me I allow my Spiritual Helpers to see you, as well.  Dear Spiritual Helpers, this is how it feels for me, at the moment.  I choose to trust you.  And I need your help.  Please, help me. “


Finally I want to take a look at the aspect of gratitude, once more.  I know it nearly became a fashion to talk about gratitude.  But to be grateful is so immensely important.

Through the act of gratitude I am acknowledging all the help that I received, already.  I perceive it and therefore let it become truth.

As mentioned before, energy follows attention.  And through the act of gratitude I am directing my energy onto a loving, joyful track.  I am concentrating on gratitude and with that pulling even more opportunities into my life to be grateful for.

Gratitude can even transform threats to invitations for change.  When I see myself confronted with a scary situation and am able to say:

Thank you for the invitation to now get over this fear. “

Then profound changes can happen.  In such a situation, I naturally would ask my spiritual friends for help, again.

Of course, the thing with the gratitude works best if one not only says Thank You but also really means it, feels it and experiences it.

Have you ever received help from the Universe/ God/ the Spirit World?  What helps you with asking for help and also with accepting it?

Are you ready to shine a bright light of awareness on the path of beingness, today?

Much love,