Refueling Power

Mond hinter kahler Baumkrone am Nachthimmel. - Kraft Tanken 00 © Stefanie Neumann - #KBFPhotography - All Rights Reserved. - Moon behind bare tree canopy in the night sky.


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Hey! I have an idea! Shall we just spend this day peacefully, for once? Are you with me?

Speaking of peaceful: if we nourish ourselves well, it also brings us more serenity. For example, when we are enjoying the sweetness of life. Something to do more often, actually.

Selbstgemachte Krosse Schokohappen in Glas auf grünem Glasbrett - Kraft Tanken 01 © Stefanie Neumann - #KBFPhotography - All Rights Reserved. - Homemade cross choco bites in jar on green glass plate.


Speaking of sweetness of life: being grateful is very powerful because gratitude for what we have is letting it grow.

Speaking of gratitude: gratitude also means to give happiness and Fortuna a home.

Verschiedene Glücksbringer in hübschem, offenem Kästchen mit Spiegel im Deckel. - Kraft Tanken 02 © Stefanie Neumann - #KBFPhotography - All Rights Reserved. - Various fortune charms in a pretty open box with a mirror inside the lid.


Speaking of happiness: entrusting oneself to the creative flow makes happy because creativity is life force. It is important to stay connected to it.

Speaking of creativity: perspective … so important in life. Exchange helps to get it. Just recently I have become very aware of this, once again.

Speaking of exchange: letting our light shine so that we can see and recognise each other. That is also important. Especially in times like these.

Speaking of light: this one weekend in January, we had a true Sun(ny)day. Although… the sun always shines above the clouds. Good to remember that at times.

Kahle Espe mit Misteln vor blauem Himmel mit weißen Wolken. - Kraft Tanken 03 © Stefanie Neumann - #KBFPhotography - All Rights Reserved. - Bare aspen-tree with mistletoe in front of a blue sky with white clouds.


Speaking of memory: a few weeks ago my computer crashed because of an outdated programme. Applicable also in relation to thoughts. Some things that were once important may now be let go of.

Speaking of letting go – one intense lesson I received in 2020: making excuses for shitty behaviour is quite shitty behaviour in and of itself. … Let’s find our blind spots. It makes life happier.

Speaking of blind spots: sometimes one may look a little closer to see them, but they do exist, the beautiful, loving moments – even in these times.

Quadratischer Mini-Anstecker, Motiv: rotem Herz auf dunkelblauem Hintergrund, dekorativ positioniert zwischen undefinierbarem Nippes. - Kraft Tanken 04 © Stefanie Neumann - #KBFPhotography - All Rights Reserved. - Square mini pin, motif: red heart on dark blue background, decoratively positioned among nondescript knick-knacks.


Speaking of beautiful moments: appreciating the moments of joy, and the signs of connection. Celebrating gratitude. So important. Especially at this time.

Damien B. Donnellys Gedichtband-Debüt "Eat the Storms", zwei handgefertigte Holzbretter mit münsteraner Motiven, Daniel Thomas' Debütroman "Ride". - Kraft Tanken 05 © Stefanie Neumann - #KBFPhotography - All Rights Reserved. - Damien B. Donnelly's debut poetry collection "Eat the Storms", two handmade wooden boards with motifs from Münster, Daniel Thomas' debut novel "Ride".

Besondere Freuden – Special Joys


Speaking of time: the interesting thing about the phenomenon of time is that you can take it for, or respectively, give it to yourself. When was the last time you presented yourself with time? How about Now?

Speaking of now: now … right now, as you are reading this …. Now is a good moment to pause for a brief while, to take three deep breaths – yes, also to remember exhaling … very consciously. And nothing else. – That’s it. On to the next moment!

Speaking of pausing: sometimes one cannot find any words. Then you can just be present together.

Speaking of presents: have you already said “Thank You” to yourself today – for being there and for being the way you are? Because I am finding that you deserve this gratitude.

Speaking of being there: sometimes you just have to keep going, even if it is uncomfortable, scary and dark right now. Precisely because of that, because how else are you supposed to get somewhere else?

However, sometimes it helps to first wait and see and drink tea. A mini kitchen meditation. ASMR experience possible. SlowTV:



A witch ought never to be frightened in the darkest forest, Granny Weatherwax had once told her, because she should be sure in her soul that the most terrifying thing in the forest was her.”

– TerryPratchett, from his novel Wintersmith


Has anyone told you lately how wonderful you are?

Because you are.

In fact, you are so wonderful that you can pat yourself on the back right here and now.


Are you ready to shine a bright light of awareness on the path of beingness, today?


Much Love,