On Releasing Fear

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Recently I experienced a big release of old fear.  It was so big that I did not just have an upsetting dream that night; I also felt it in all my glands the next morning and my body hurt all day.

That dream I had was not only upsetting, though.  It also contained a message on how to deal with the situation.

Fear needs a story.  Without a story fear is just a feeling moving through yet it has no power to create.”

-Stefanie Neumann

Through the story the fear can attach to us.  My story was that I would lose somebody I love.  “When I lose this person I will be sad and alone and the whole world is going to break down” – What a drama and, indeed, upsetting.

So I put the message delivered to me into action.  I took the story away from the fear.  I concentrated on the now.

Now, all is well.  And I am present in the now.  Breathing in, breathing out, one breath at a time.  It is ok to feel the fear.  I am feeling it because I am releasing something I created a long time ago.  There is no story attached to it.  It is just a feeling moving through.”

-Stefanie Neumann

Although, my endocrine system was still stirred up while allowing to let go of that deep old programming, I did not feel upset, anymore.  I started my day and even though it was a busy one I could keep up with my schedule.

In the evening, however, I started to feel grumpy.  And it got really bad.  I had felt nauseous all day, not to talk about the inability to think straight.  And I was so tired.  – It was then that I visited jamesneed’s blog The Commonsense Philosopher.  I love the soothing energy James is creating on his website.  And his posts – all about that “your reality goes where your attention goes…” – are beautiful reminders.  His advice is easily put into action during everyday life and it does make a difference.

The post that particular day was called:

Life is not happening to you, life is responding to you…

-James Need

That’s self-explanatory, isn’t it!?  Yet, I recommend heading over to his blog and reading it.  –  After you have finished reading my post, of course…  😉  I did head over and read the post.  And then I took a look at how I am creating this grumpiness for myself.  Of course, my system was stirred up as I was releasing this deep fear-programme.  Of course, that did not feel great.  How the heck am I supposed to attract good feelings, this way?

Hang on…  Isn’t that a story?  “I am releasing this big old fear and this is making me feel blurry and nauseous and all, and I just can’t feel good, right now…”  Of course!  I mean, yes, I have created this existential fear, long ago, and being confronted with it during the release process does not feel great.  But it is OLD!  Yes, I have to feel it so that I can release it (at least that is the only way I currently know that works for me).  But there is peace, also.  The beautiful, glistening, golden peace of the now.

Obviously I had started to identify with the feeling of fear and pain at some point.”

-Stefanie Neumann

By attaching to it I had pulled that old feeling back into the now.  No wonder this made me feel grumpy!

So, I detached by remembering that what I am feeling (the fear and pain) was due to a process of release.  There is no story attached to it.  It is just a feeling moving through.  –

And I remembered that golden peace that is always inside of me.  Always.”

-Stefanie Neumann

It was there, also.  And that made me feel better in an instant (which eventually would result in “feeling good”).

Thank you, James, for that reminder which brought me back on track!

What about you, dear reader?  How do you release old patterns of fear?  What helps you to stay aware of the peace inside?

Much love,