Vortex in the Solar Plexus

Wirbel im Solarplexus © Stefanie Neumann - All Rights Reserved; #KBFPhotography #KokopelliBeeFree

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At the moment there is much going on.  A lot is in motion in my personal life as well as on a global and universal level.  This can set off many varying symptoms within the human system.  Everybody may react to it and deal with it in different ways.

In my case I am currently noticing strong motion within the solar plexus.  It feels as if one vortex after the other would move through the centre of my body.  When I felt into this a little more I sensed that things are moving on various levels, here.

On one hand there are my personal fears which come to the surface.  Then, there is all the craziness which seems to dance through the human consciousness like a twister, at the moment.  And on top of it there are all the displacements that come with the energetic shift.  That is quite a lot of movement and it can feel confusing when everything seems to press in at once.

What seems to help me pretty well, up to now, is to turn to one “construction zone” at a time instead of taking on everything at the same time.

First, I feel what is there and allow myself to feel through my own feelings as much as my current state allows it.  My own feelings are also the docking point for all the craziness “out there”.  They have the effect of a resonance field.  So, if I bring in clarity, here, and allow transformation I can easier opt out of the emotional storms on the “outside”, also.  Amongst other things, I notice that I am feeling through my own emotions when I slowly feel better by turning to them.

If, however, in the course of feeling through it and transforming I find myself more frequently within thought loops in which I, for example, replay situations over and over again of which the process and/or the outcome is not in my hands this – at least in the case of my person – may be a sign that I am trying to feel through feelings which elude my personal responsibility.  As an empath it easily happens that one finds oneself in the emotional kingdom of other people and in this case it is not on us to determine how this should be shaped.  These emotions from the “outside” are the ones I turn to in the second step by lovingly releasing them and opting out of the twister.  That also provides the clarity I need for the next step.  To very consciously breathe into my heart has proven most helpful to me, here.

What is left, now, is the sensation in the solar plexus which is triggered by greater energy shifts.  It feels a little bit like riding a roller coaster and it goes up and down in the area of the stomach.  Here, I simply need to remember that the movement serves to bring me to a better position – and to just let it happen.  For this it helps me to place one hand on the heart and the other one on the solar plexus and to then continue to breath into my heart.  With this I remember that all is well.

I do not know, yet, where exactly this journey is leading me. However, I found it might help to share some travel impressions along the path.”

-Stefanie Neumann

How are you at the moment?  Are you noticing a lot of motion and experiencing symptoms of big shifts, as well, or are you perhaps having completely different experiences?  What helps you in times of shifts and frenzied movement to keep the balance?

Are you ready to shine a bright light of awareness on the path of beingness, today?

Much love,